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The recent news of Kelly Brown’s alleged choke-slam attack on Olivia has brought Cynthia Decker and Molly Hopkins’ feud to the forefront.

For years, the two were beloved Pillow Talk stars. They were so close that some fans asked if they were sisters.

Now, they’re no longer even friends. And some 90 Day Fiance fans have spun wild theories about what drove them apart.

A new report says that envy and resentment tore them apart.

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An inside source spoke to In Touch Weekly about the death of this 20 year friendship.

“Molly is the one who did most of the work,” the insider began. Seemingly, this refers to their shared business.

“And,” the source then alleged, “Cynthia did nothing.” Harsh words!

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Molly Hopkins embarked on a renewed quest for love on 90 Day: The Single Life.

“She’s upset that she won’t be making that ​Pillow Talk money any longer,” the insider reported.

But what was the key issue before their falling out? Apparently, envy.

“[Cynthia] resented Molly for being the star of the show,” the source claimed, “and Cynthia was just a sidekick.”

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Luis Mendes and Molly Hopkins of 90 Day Fiance had a short-lived marriage. Luis bounced back and remarried suspiciously quickly.

Molly first introduced herself to viewers on 90 Day Fiance Season 5. At the time, she was marrying Luis Mendes.

Things did not go well for this marriage. There were so, so many red flags.

The marriage fell apart. Luis remarried with such alacrity that some wondered if he simply used Molly to come to the US. Frankly, many fans still have questions about that.

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Molly Hopkins and Cynthia Decker were fan-favorites on Pillow Talk.

Most of the people who would call themselves Molly’s fans came to adore her through her role on Pillow Talk.

Molly joined the cast of quippy commenters in 2019, observing other 90 Day Fiance shows and commenting on what went down.

And she didn’t do it alone. Cynthia Decker, her bestie of many years, was right there with her.

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Molly Hopkins and Cynthia Decker were friends, business partners, and Pillow Talk castmates.

Cynthia and Molly were also business partners in LiviRae Lingerie.

The lingerie company, which Molly promoted heavily during her time with the 90 Day Fiance franchise, catered to bustier bodies. This covers a well-known “blind spot” in a lot of traditional lingerie.

Molly would recommend new garments to members of the cast. And a lot of fans expressed interest.

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90 Day Fiance star Molly Hopkins showed off her impressive weight loss while posing in a bra. She owns a lingerie company.

In November of last year, Cynthia revealed that she and Molly had experienced a falling out.

Fans on social media had asked why they were no longer on Pillow Talk. Notoriously, cast members rotate on and off of the spinoff.

Cynthia’s stunning answer was simple: she and Molly are “no longer friends.”

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Molly Hopkins and Kelly Brown broke up in late 2022. The mess did not end there.

Interestingly, Cynthia and Molly’s split happened around the same time as Molly’s breakup with ex-boyfriend Kelly Brown.

Kelly allegedly physically attacked Molly’s daughter, Olivia, “choke slamming” her where she worked. There is a police report. And Kelly seemingly confessed in an alleged text message.

It is unclear what the precisely timeline of all of this may be, and what played into what. It’s an ugly mess.