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Late last year, Molly Hopkins and Kelly Brown split. Unfortunately, the ugly breakup involved more than just the two of them.

Kelly allegedly choke-slammed Olivia, Molly’s daughter, after confronting her at Molly’s place of business.

In the initial police report, Cynthia Decker — Molly’s ex-bestie — was allegedly a witness to the violent assault.

But Cynthia is no longer in any of their lives. And she wants no part in any of it, including potentially bringing Kelly to justice.

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Molly Hopkins and Cynthia Decker were so close as friends that some fans assumed that they were sisters. That is now in the past. (Image Credit: YouTube)

Cynthia Decker spoke to In Touch Weekly after the police report indicated that she may have witnessed Kelly Brown attack Olivia Hopkins.

“I am deeply mortified and want my name to be removed from the report,” she announced. Mortified often means “embarrassed” but can also simply mean “horrified” in American English.

“I will be telling investigators all of this,” Cynthia added, “as I do not want to be listed anywhere on this!” Well, who does?

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“I have tried to remain quiet and let this play out,” Cynthia elaborated.

“But now they are involving me,” she then accused, referring to Molly and Olivia.

“And,” Cynthia insisted, “I am not going to sit back as my name gets misconstrued.”

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Olivia and Molly Hopkins filed a police report over an alleged physical assault that took place on November 21, 2022.

Kelly Brown, formerly of the NYPD, allegedly confronted Olivia at LiviRae Lingerie, Molly and Cynthia’s place of business.

Olivia and another employee were working behind the counter. What began as an argument — something about Olivia’s boyfriend — became a physical altercation, per the report.

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“Kelly was angry with Olivia because of problems with Olivia’s boyfriend. Olivia and Kelly both argued with each other,” the report stated.

“Kelly stated that he would come at her,” the officer described. “Olivia said to come at her then.”

The police report continued: “At which point, Kelly rushed to the counter, grabbed Olivia by her neck and slammed her against the wall.”

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The report listed two reasons for which Olivia waited before filing the police report.

First, she “did not want to stress” her mother, Molly Hopkins, at that time.

And second, because Kelly is a former officer of the NYPD. In addition to making the alleged assault statistically unsurprising, this also made Olivia concerned that it would be extra difficult to get justice.

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Some fans have suggested that Kelly’s “sudden” Instagram Story post, intended to cast Olivia in a bad light, was retaliation for her police filing. We cannot confirm this, however.

It is unfortunate (and inexcusable) that Olivia body-shamed Kelly in the alleged email.

Of course, a physical assault is worse. One can only assume that Kelly was attempting to get ahead of the story, so to speak, by posting this message.

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While Kelly does not appear to be directly denying Olivia’s allegations, he has denied other actions.

“I never punched her or threatened her with any weapon,” he insisted oddly. “I really want to be left alone.”

Many people wish to remain undisturbed. But if security recordings back up the police report, Kelly might not have a choice. Cynthia wants to stay out of it, but Olivia might not need her.