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Kody Brown barely talks to some of his older kids.

The Sister Wives patriarch has come out and admitted this himself.

In a lengthy recent interview with blogger John Yates, however, Paedon Brown provided an example of one time his dad did, indeed, reach out to him a few other of his siblings.

For a rather devious reason.

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Paedon Brown is featured here on YouTube, opening WAY up about his dad and the sister wives in general.

According to Paedon, Kody was really pissed off awhile back when his son wore a shirt that mocked the nanny Kody and Robyn employed.

The father of 18 allegedly sent his son an angry text message in response and then ignored Paedon for eight months.

“Then he calls me, randomly, out of the blue and he has a conversation with me,” Paedon told Yates this week.

“It’s like an hour-long conversation and it goes really, really well. And I’m like, ‘okay, I might be getting my father back. This is wonderful.'”

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There was a catch, however.

Paedon went on to explain that he told mother Christine about the conversation… only for Christine to tell her son that Kody likely had a VERY selfish basis for reconnecting.

“Apparently he was trying to convince the…higher-ups in TLC and he’s trying to discuss with them trying to put it in our contracts that we are not allowed to say anything negative about him on our platforms,” Paedon now says.

“And he’s fighting with Mom about it because Mom is saying, ‘You can’t control our children that way.’

“He’s trying to say, ‘Your children can’t say anything bad about me.’”

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It sounds like Kody was trying to get his children to sign non-disclosure agreements. To no avail.

Paedon said that Kody wanted to get the gag order inserted into his kids’ network contracts because having them say insulting things about him publicly “hurts his image.”

“TLC was like, ‘I don’t think we should do that,’” Paedon added.

“And my mom was fighting. My mom was like, ‘No, you’re not allowed to tell our children what they can and can’t say about you. You have to earn their love back!’”

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Kody Brown is staring daggers into Christine in this scene from the first episode of Sister Wives Season 17.

Paedon later discovered that he wasn’t the only one of Kody and Christine’s kids to get a call from Kody around this time.

“And then it hit me: he called me for a very specific reason,” Paedon said.

“He called [my sisters] Aspyn and Mykelti and I think Ysabel for the exact same reason. He doesn’t want us talking negatively about him online.

“He had an hour-long conversation with three or four of his children…after losing the battle with Mom about what we are allowed to say online. He just happens to call us, and I realized he didn’t call me because he wanted to talk to me.

“He called me because he doesn’t want me talking negatively.”

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Alas, Kody failed — and Paedon has since slammed his dad for being a pathetic person.

How did it feel, though, to learn that his dad only called him and sort of tried to bond with him because he had a sneak and ulterior motive?

“He broke my heart. Again,” Pardon told Yates.