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We already know that Kody Brown is an inattentive and selfish spouse who has lost three-quarters of his sister wives due to his attitude and behavior.

As it turns out, however?

The TLC personality is also an inattentive and selfish father who has no relationship with at least two of his children due to his attitude and behavior.

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As previously detailed on The Hollywood Gossip, Kody enacted VERY strict protocols for his family during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This resulted in a fractured connection to kids Garrison and Gabe because they wanted to spend time with their significant others or their friends… and Kody told them they couldn’t do so.

“If one of my little children had to die because someone had to get his pencil wet, that made me so mad,” Kody said on Sunday night’s one-on-one special.

“Do you understand? If one of my children die, how hard it would be to ever forgive the guy who was bringing it home to us.”

That’s a crude way of saying Kody tried to limit his alleged loved ones from seeing anyone outside of their household in order to limit their chances of contracting a dangerous virus.

Garrison and Gabe, who Kody shares with Janelle, pushed back against these rules and regulations.

“Now with those two boys, I’m estranged from them, I can’t even have conversations with them anymore. That’s very sad,” Kody added on air, before delivering a message straight into camera.

“Boys, I’m sorry. I was trying to protect my family. Next time, I’d manage it differently and I’m sorry.”

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Kody Brown is irate in this photo. He’s reacting to the news that Christine no longer wants to be his sister wife.

Asked if the situation hurts him deeply, Kody showed some rare vulnerability and responded:

“Oh, yeah. That’s very sad.”

Later in the hour, Kody was asked if he thought making amends with these sons would help him heal his fractured relationship with Janelle — from whom he’s been separated for months.

(Janelle, for her part, says she has no interest in reconciling.)

“Yeah, we could probably reconcile,” Kody said of Janelle.

“But you have to understand, this is how plural marriage is a real struggle.

“If I have a relationship with a wife where I have deep trust and we get along really well, that’s because that relationship communicated and worked on things and did the right things in the relationship.

“Robyn brought her kids who were in our home with two adults, ages of Garrison and Gabriel, into full compliance on our Covid agreement.

“And when they didn’t, they got to be out of the home.

“That right there is just an expression of how respect was given.”