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Talk about holding nothing back.

At. All.

Late last week, Paedon Brown — the 24-year old son of Christine and Kody Brown — jumped on TikTok to take a pretty clear and direct shot at his infamous father.

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“Any king who has to say, ‘I am the King’ is no true king. Any man of the house that has to say, ‘I am the man of the house!’ is no true man of the house,” said Paedon on this platform.

This appeared to have been a reference to something Kody said on the Sister Wives Season 17 premiere.

On this September 11 episode, Kody told viewers that he didn’t feel like the “man of the house” due to the way his spouses were disrespecting his very strict COVID-19 protocols and guidelines.

He also said at the time that he and his sister wives had agreed that he would be the head of the household when they all got married.

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Kody Brown is staring daggers into Christine in this scene from the first episode of Sister Wives Season 17.

From there, Paedon gushed over his mom, who made the major decision last November to leave Kody and move back to her native state fo Utah.

“Me and my siblings say that my mom is a strong, independent woman all the time,” he said via TikTok.

“People tell me, ‘Paedon, your mom is a strong, independent woman’ all the time.

“My mom does not claim to be a strong, independent woman because she IS a strong, independent woman.”

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Christine Brown and Kody Brown are no more. These are official TLC-sponsored images of the stars.

Paedon has never been why about crediting his mother, while trashing his father.

In March, for example, he said he was glad Christine walked away from an unhealthy situation.

“[They spent] almost 30 years of working on a marriage,” Paedon told podcast listeners at the time.

“Her finally having the last straw when he didn’t want to be intimate with her…he said the words, ‘I don’t want to be intimate with you.’ Not just hasn’t been [intimate] in a while, but said the words, ‘I don’t want to.’

“[Their marriage] was rocky from the start!”

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Paedon has also admitted in the past that he isn’t very close to Kody.

As for the latest episode of Sister Wives?

Christine stood strong in the face of a challenging conversation with her estranged husband.

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Christine Brown has a lot to think about. This is a photo from Season 2 of Sister Wives Season 17.

“I think what’s healthy for me and for our family is me leaving,” she said on air.

“I thought that it was okay to be sad. I think I was a lot sadder than I thought.

“I tried to be happy as much as possible and certainly I still found joy in things.

“Plural marriage is tough.”