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This week, the world learned that Bravo has fired Kathryn Dennis from Southern Charm.

Many longtime viewers are wondering what the show will even look like without Kathryn’s endless drama.

This isn’t just a weird situation for fans. Kathryn’s own castmates reportedly feel confused, some unsure if the news is even real.

As for Kathryn? She’s reflecting on the “wild” journey of Southern Charm. She’s moving on to new things. Specifically, OnlyFans.

On Wednesday, January 11, Kathryn Dennis offered a statement to Page Six about her departure after nearly a full decade of Southern Charm.

“What a wild ride it’s been!” she began.

“Can you believe I was 21 when I first started filming ‘Southern Charm,’ back in its first season?” Kathryn remarked.

Kathryn Dennis braces herself and tries to defend herself in this Bravo photo.

“That was in 2013,” Kathryn recalled.

“And in the decade that followed,” she continued, “it’s safe to say my life changed in ways I could never imagine.”

Some of those changes were very positive. Others were sad. And some were downright tragic.

Kathryn Dennis at the Aquarium with Kensie and Saint
Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis spent the day at the Aquarium with her kids, Kensie Ravenel and Saint Ravenel, during one of her supervised visits.

“It hasn’t always been easy,” Kathryn acknowledged.

“But I’m so lucky to have had reality cameras there,” she remarked. That is an unusual sentiment.

But Kathryn feels grateful that cameras were “capturing so many moments that I’ll never forget (and a few, even, that I’d like to).”

Kathryn Dennis Unhappy at the Reunion
Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis went on something of a face journey at the reunion special when the cast discussed her absent ex.

Kathryn expressed gratitude for the fans who stood by her as they watched her “grow up” on screen.

She affirmed that she will “always treasure” the friendships that she has built along the way.

Fans also watched her “become a mom to two amazing children.”

Kathryn Dennis has had some real moments during Southern Charm reunions over the years.

“And through it all, the love y’all have shown for me not only gave me the strength I needed to tackle it all,” Kathryn expressed.

“But,” she continued, “helped me realize that I wasn’t alone.”

Kathryn then affirmed to her fans that “I’m so grateful.”

Southern Charm Reunion Reactions
Southern Charm stars Kathryn Dennis, Austen Kroll, Naomie Olindo, and Cameran Eubanks all react with visible horror and discomfort.

“I’ll be carrying that love with me as I enter this next chapter of my life,” Kathryn assured everyone.

She concluded by acknowledging that she will do so “away from the ‘Southern Charm’ lens.”

Considering that rumor claims that her firing stemmed from years of bad behavior — mistreating the crew and showing up late — that is a stunningly classy farewell.

Southern Charm is a home to no end of juvenile antics. No matter how old the cast gets.

Meanwhile, RadarOnline reports that multiple cast members of Southern Charm struggled to believe the news.

Some allegedly have “no idea” what is going on amidst the reports that she won’t be on Season 9.

Perhaps, now that Kathryn herself has confirmed that she is no longer on the show, it will begin to sink in.

Kathryn Dennis launched her OnlyFans just as news broke about her departure from Southern Charm.

As for Kathryn’s next move, she is turning to OnlyFans.

Whatever people think of her behavior over the years, she is a young and gorgeous MILF, and she is famous enough to draw a lucrative crowd.

Her OnlyFans page is brand new. We expect that the visible numbers on it to rise as she adds content and (presumably) receives positive reviews.