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Viewers and cast members alike recoiled in horror as Big Ed Brown demanded that Liz return the ring.

The 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 7 Tell All special was always going to be dramatic. But Part 2 included a heavy dose of cruelty.

Ed didn’t just demand his ring back on the Tell All stage. He then accused Liz of faking her distress, blaming her for his own lies and betrayal.

Also? It turns out that, just days before this eleventh breakup, the two had been looking at wedding venues.

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As Part 2 of the explosive 4-part Tell All special began, Rosemarie Vega had joined the conversation.

Remember, production had instructed Shaun Robinson to ask Big Ed Brown a simple question: had he been in contact with his ex, Rose.

Ed oscillated between “I don’t know” and “no.” When Rose exposed his lies, Ed only doubled down, saying “no.”

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Liz could not help but observe how Big Ed had failed to answer a simple question.

Rose did not exactly express surprise. She, after all, shared Liz’s misfortune — having dated Ed. He subjected her to lies, too.

Liz had more than just Rose’s sympathies. She also got a look at the messages that Big Ed exchanged with Rosemarie. The messages that he claimed had never happened.

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Production had already secured the screenshots, and displayed Big Ed’s words at the Tell All.

Poor Liz had to read them aloud for the rest of the cast.

It’s not salacious. But the timeline dates to shortly after the two became engaged. Though Ed insists that he does not recall whether they were together or not when he spoke to Rose.

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Yeah, that’s not cool, Ed. Reaching out to an ex can be a mistake, but lying about it — and doubling down when the truth is right in front of you — is worse.

But Big Ed very clearly felt humiliated by his own predictable clownery.

So what did he do? He blamed Liz, acting as if she were creating drama out of nothing. In reality, Liz’s only role in any of this was experiencing betrayal at Ed’s hands.

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While Ed lashed out at Liz, belittling her because he had embarrassed himself, the rest of the cast saw through it.

Kimberly in particular called out Ed, noting that the evidence that he was lying was right there on the screen.

Additionally, other cast members emphasized to Liz that she was not imagining things. Sometimes, people need to hear that.

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While Shaeeda reassured Liz that she wasn’t blowing things out of proportion and Yara expressed dismay at Ed’s antics, Rose spoke up.

She called out her ex for how he was treating his current fiancee.

“Why are you lying to her if you truly love her?” she asked. It was a simple question. But like the other simple question, Ed couldn’t provide a simple answer.

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Liz could not hide her tears or her disappointment in her fiance.

Things had been, according to her, the best between the two of them that they’d ever been.

But when Liz admitted that she had lost respect for her fiance, things became a whole lost worse.

For years, Ed’s responses to conflict in their relationship have included kicking her out of the house.

Liz has slept in her car. She has couch-surfed. The tactic is vicious but easy to understand — your girlfriend is less likely to object to what you want if a disagreement can render her instantly homeless.

This time, Liz has her own place. So Big Ed held out his hand, demanding: “Let me have my ring back.” Engagement over.

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The Tell All cast took a break, and basically everyone was strongly Team Liz.

(Bilal seemed oh-so-quietly supportive of Ed, but one could hardly say that he approves of Ed’s behavior)

Later, when the cast went to the hotel for the night before returning for the next day of filming, Ed and Bilal rode together. That was not by choice — producers were being shady.

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After Liz had spoken with many of her sympathetic castmates, Ed weaseled his way over to her.

The two ended up going upstairs to find a place to talk.

They received ample side eye from other members of the cast, many of whom felt very protective of Liz after witnessing Ed’s behavior.

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Liz reminded Ed that this was not even his first Tell All betrayal. Ed once used a Tell All to reconcile with her, luring her into bed, only to dump her (via text) yet again immediately after. Gross!

Ed, meanwhile, accused Liz of “performing” her outrage over his provable lie about Rose.

He apparently expected her to have his back on the Tell All stage … even when she was the one whom he had betrayed and very directly lied to.

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The other husbands did not feel impressed by Ed’s antics.

Jovi and Andrei very openly discussed how unacceptable his behavior was.

Both of these men have their flaws, but Ed was on another — lower — level. And no, that’s not a dig about his height.

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Ed seemed flustered and furious, repeatedly spitting that Jovi is a “pussy.”

Jovi stood there unbothered. He has a beautiful wife, a precious young daughter, and his own life. He neither needs nor desires Ed’s approval.

Meanwhile, a sobbing Liz had told her castmates about Ed’s cruelty. One of those castmates was Angela Deem.

This may mark the first time in the history of this franchise when we were actually happy to see Angela appear on screen.

Every now and then, even the worst person you can imagine can be in the right.

Many of us are eager to see what Angela is going to have to say to Big Ed.