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Leah Messer opened up about her split from fiance Jaylan Mobley on the December 27 reunion episode of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter.

As best she could, that is.

“I didn’t cheat,” Messer told co-hosts Dr. Drew Pinsky and Nessa Diab, adding on air:

“Eventually, he’ll share, but it’s not for me to do.”

Leah and Jaylan broke up in October, just two months after getting engaged.

Both sides have spoken out here and there since this shocking development, although very few details have been made available to the public.

When asked on the aforementioned special if Mobley cheated on her or wronged her in some very personal way, Messer played coy … saying it’s something he “deserves to speak on.”

She later admitted, “legally, I cannot share” everything when it comes to the breakup because she signed a legal document.

Leah Messer and Jaylan Mobley are officially dunz-o! And some fans think Jaylan got caught cheating! (Photo via Instagram)

Indeed, there’s been chatter for weeks now that Mobley made Messer sign a non-disclosure agreement.

As a result, the veteran MTV personality can scarcely say anything about what happened — but did tell Dr. Drew of her reaction to the engagement ending:

“I definitely had questions. I’m so confused.

“Have we been living a lie for a year and a half?”

Leah Messer and Jaylan Mobley have called it quits. And fans are desperate to know why! (Photo via Instagram)

Messer has twin daughters — Aliannah Hope and Aleeah Grace, 13 — with ex-boyfriend Corey Simms; and 9-year-old daughter Adalynn Faith with ex-husband Jeremy Calvert.

The kids were tight with Mobley, too.

“They still want Jay to come around. We still love him,” Leah said.

“You can’t change someone, but if you’re not in the place where you know who you are, how am I supposed to have a romantic relationship with you? That doesn’t make sense.”

Messer previously said she was still grieving this split, telling People Magazine:

“The beginning of my breakup, it was difficult. But there’s a healing process, there’s a grieving process after any breakup.

“You form an attachment with someone and a connection, and you get to grieve that if that relationship doesn’t align.”

Now? On the reunion? Messer tried her hardest not to sound bitter.

Leah Messer appears to be in the midst of some major financial difficulties. The MTV star owes $450,000 in taxes. (Photo via Instagram)

“I think Jaylan genuinely loves us at the capacity at how he knows how to love,” Messer said on the reunuon.

“I still believe in love. I keep moving. I keep showing up.

“I keep being a mom and lean on my support system.”