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Farrah Abraham has undergone quite a few changes in recent years.

And yes, several of those changes have had to do with her appearance.

It’s no secret that Farrah is a fan of tinkering with her features through various cosmetic procedures.

Of course, that sort of fine-tuning is common among reality stars — but folks who have been charting the evolution of Farrah’s face think that she’s gone too far and will soon regret her addiction to the knife and the needle.

Has Farrah undergone one cosmetic procedure too many? (Photo via Instagram)

In recent weeks, Farrah’s Instagram and TikTok videos have mostly centered on the theme of mental health.

But many of her followers think there’s an unintentional irony to the posts, as Farrah’s fixation on fillers and plastic surgery demonstrates a troubling lack of self-acceptance.

“Thank me later for this one #adhd 6 month check in. Model brain achieved,” she captioned one such video.

Farrah Abraham looks quite different in her recent Instagram uploads. (Photo via TikTok)

Maybe Farrah knew that she would get roasted for claiming that she’d achieved “model brain” status — and maybe she didn’t care.

Whatever the case, many of the commenters on recent Farrah videos are less concerned with her message than with her ever-changing looks.

Take, for example, a recent TikTok clip in which Farrah and daughter Sophia visited some sort of Buddhist meditation center.


It’s BUDDHA TIME @sophialabraham 🪷Our first #buddhameditation had a great half day of learning so much, love the moves and the noble silence 🧘‍♀️ #grouppicture #buddhatemple #mentalhealth #buddha #meditation no more #monkeymind 🙈 #buddhism #november #sophiaabraham #farrahabraham

♬ Buddha – 杨洪斌原创


“Those fillers and injections,” one commenter wrote, according to UK tabloid The Sun.

“I love Farrah. But someone close to her needs to talk to her about her cheeks,” another added.

“I can’t even listen to the convo without thinking wtf did she do to her beautiful, natural face?” a third asked.

“Whoever does her filler should stop taking her money and suitably advise,” a fourth chimed in.

Others defended Farrah, noting that her face was not supposed to be the focus of these videos.

“She’s talking real talk about mental health and ppl are slamming her about her looks. This is why ppl have mental health problems!!” wrote one such commenter.

Farrah Abraham’s latest selfie is getting a lot of attention. Unfortunately for Farrah, it’s not receiving many compliments. (Photo via Instagram)

That’s certainly true, but it’s a little hard not to notice that Farrah looks completely different from one video to the next.

Also, while we’re generally not fans of roasting other people for their appearance, it’s tough to feel much sympathy in Farrah’s case.

For one thing, her issues are entirely self-created — all she has to do is stop shelling out for wildly expensive cosmetic procedures.

Farrah Abraham loves to promote her party-animal business on Instagram.

But more importantly, Farrah has proven herself to be quite the bully over the years.

And she loves to point out perceived defects in the appearances of those whom she has dubbed her enemies.

So it’s great that Farrah is spending so much time and money working on her mental health lately.

But maybe she should put her phone down and actually focus on becoming a kinder, less superficial person.