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For some time, even her own fans have raised the alarm over Farrah Abraham’s ongoing face journey.

Yes, she has fans. And they worry about what she is doing to her body — and what it says about her self esteem.

But Farrah has a few words for the people who are “hate criming” her over her looks.

This time, she’s accusing her own fans of “abuse” and “gaslighting.” We wish that we were making this up.

Farrah Abraham recently took to Instagram Live to rant and rave at her followers.

Many have noticed the at times abrupt evolution of her facial features, especially the drastic changes in recent months.

But Farrah says that if you’re taking notice, and especially if you didn’t recognize her at first glance, you’re part of the problem.

Farrah Abraham’s latest selfie is getting a lot of attention. Unfortunately for Farrah, it’s not receiving many compliments. (Photo via Instagram)

Farrah wanted everyone to hear that she is merely displaying her “natural” face.

Hilariously, she insisted that she does not have any filters, any makeup, or any injectibles.

No, people did not immediately believe her.

Farrah Abraham loves to promote her party-animal business on Instagram.

For the record, Farrah has received and documented various nose jobs, a chin implant, a series of boob jobs. And that’s not counting any of the filler or botox.

“I want to say to someone that shames someone for taking care of their health, their care,” Farrah rambled.

“You’re not a fan,” she accused. “You’re not a supporter.”

Farrah Abraham Video Still
Farrah Abraham is capable of being very mean. (Photo via Instagram)

Farrah seems to feel particularly bothered by comments and headlines describing her as “unrecognizable.”

“The news of ‘Oh my God, it’s so sad, Farrah’s not recognizable,'” she griped during the video.

Farrah then proudly, bizarrely declared that “I recognize myself more than I’ve ever recognized myself.”

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Heartbreakingly, Farrah does make one coherent, even valid, point during her video.

She notes that very few people look the same when they are in their thirties as they did as teens. That is true!

And, sure enough, Farrah no longer resembles her teenage self.

Farrah Abraham Throwback
Farrah Abraham has not appeared on MTV in many years. But she still has kept herself in the news often.

But then, Farrah pivots to her insistence about her current appearance.

She claims that the face that she is displaying during the video is her real, natural face.

Does Farrah believe that? Has she retconned her own memories that heavily? Because just look.

“I have to say, I look freaking amazing!” Farrah said. As usual, singing her own praises.

“And this is me natural,” she insisted.

“So that means injections [have] worn off,” Farrah claimed. “That means nothing else. The end.”

Farrah's Face in 2021
Farrah Abraham unveiled yet another new face on Instagram this week. And once again, fans were happy to point out to her that she’s gone a bit overboard with the cosmetic work.

Not even content to stop there, Farrah went on to point the finger at anyone who had ever uttered one word about her cosmetic work.

“If you want to keep shaming, that’s emotional abuse!” she declared.

Is that true? No. But Farrah’s claims got even sillier.

Farrah Abraham Flaunts Huge Lips
Once and future Teen Mom villain Farrah Abraham stunned fans with her colossal lip fillers on social media.

“It’s called gaslighting,” Farrah falsely claimed.

Gaslighting refers to making someone doubt their own memories, senses, or perceptions in order to make them think that they’re crazy. For example, hiding a spouse’s keys and then shaming them for being “forgetful.”

“It’s not right, it’s not the facts…” Farrah rambled without any real meaning.

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“Take care of your health,” Farrah encouraged. “Just like I do.”

It is unclear what any part of this has to do with “health,” but okay.

“I’d want the same for you, because I feel great,” Farrah then insisted. “I love how I look. I love how I age. And that’s beautiful.”