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When Mackenzie McKee revealed that she and husband Josh McKee had decided to end their marriage, the news didn’t come as much of a surprise.

After all, Mack and Josh were off and on throughout their years together, and even during their “good” times, fans often got the sense that they were hanging on by a thread.

It also didn’t come as much of a surprise when Josh went public with his new girlfriend just a couple of months after he and Mackenzie announced their split.

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Mackenzie McKee’s ex-husband has a new girlfriend. And fans think he looks just like Mackenzie! (Photo via Instagram)

To be fair, it was Josh’s girlfriend — who has been identified only as Haile — who posted the first pic of the two of them together.

But Josh has since confirmed the relationship on his own page.

And judging by their latest photo, these lovebirds are very much enjoying each other’s company.

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Josh McKee is seen motorboating his girlfriend in a new pic. (Photo via Instagram)

Yes, Josh and Mackenzie did a little motorboating over the weekend, and McKee posted some pics of the couples good times on Instagram.

Not surprisingly, Mackenzie wasn’t terribly pleased with her ex’s latest photo, and she decided to subtly make her feelings known.

Rather than talking any direct trash, Mack posted the pic below alongside a gloriously shady caption.

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Mackenzie is not thrilled with her ex’s latest antics. (Photo via Instagram)

“My world my focus everything I do is for you three…. #mom,” she wrote.

Fans picked up on the shade and were quick to join in.

“You’re successful and an awesome mom, you should be proud of yourself and how far you’ve come all on your own,” one commenter wrote.

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The McKee clan in happier times. (Photo via Instagram)

“Everyone looks happy and that’s all that matters. What’s meant to be will be,” another added.

“Not knocking Josh at all— but y’all look so happy now! Just content with the life you’ve created,” a third chimed in.

“Ohhhhhh the shade. So glad your children have you,” a fourth observed.

“Way to go posting a pic of the fam and keeping your priorities straight while you-know-who posts pics being straddled in a bar. Keep it up momma!” wrote a fifth follower.

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Mackenzie during her time on MTV. (Photo via MTV)

You get the idea.

Mackenzie has had her ups and downs over the years in terms of popularity, but she’s enjoyed a big boost since she and Josh called it quits, in large part due to her candor and her willingness to focus on her kids’ happiness.

“With all the messages I’m receiving and articles coming out, I wanted you guys to hear what’s going on from me alone,” she wrote on Instagram when she and Josh split up for the final time.

“Sometimes things work and sometimes, no matter how hard you fight, it just doesn’t work out. I am breaking my silence about Josh and I being done,” Mack added.

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Mackenzie McKee snaps a selfie here with her cheating husband and kids. Cute family picture. (Photo via Instagram)

“I will always respect him as the father of my children but it’s time for me to find my happy.”

“Josh and I are both still young with an entire life ahead of us,” the former Teen Mom star later told CeleBuzz.

“And I wish nothing but peace and happiness for him and his future. Everyone has their own story, and this is mine.”

Mackenzie told the outler she’s “stepping into an entire new life and new me,” but did not elaborate when asked why she decided to pull the plug on her marriage.

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Mackenzie and Josh pose for a selfie. (Photo via Instagram)

“Us women do not leave until we are ready, until we can wake up, notice the coffee don’t smell right and something is off. That was my marriage,” she said.

Works for us!

Maybe Mackenzie just knew instinctively that Josh is the kind of guy who will post motorboating pics with a new chick just a few months after his marriage ends!