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Throughout her divorce from husband Josh, former Teen Mom star Mackenzie McKee has been surprisingly candid about her emotions.

So fans are somewhat surprised by Mackenzie’s silence amid news that Josh has informally introduced his new girlfriend to the world.

Yes, it seems that Josh has already moved on, and the news probably came as a surprise to Mackenzie.

After all, as it’s only been three months since the mother of three announced that she and Josh are going their separate ways.

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Mackenzie McKee snaps a selfie here with her cheating husband and kids. Cute family picture. (Photo via Instgram)

(For good this time! Josh and Mackenzie have parted ways on several previous occasions.)

In addition to coping with the fact that her ex has already found someone new, Mackenzie has to deal with the weirdness of the fact that internet is obsessing over the appearance of Josh’s new girlfriend.

Yes, Teen Mom fans can’t get over the fact that Josh’s new boo — who has been identified only as Hailie — bears a slight resemblance to Mackenzie.

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Mackenzie McKee’s ex-husband has a new girlfriend. And fans think he looks just like Mackenzie! (Photo via Instagram)

On Wednesday, Hailie posted the photo above, along with a caption reading simply, “Happy, finally.”

She added a red heart emoji, in case there were any lingering doubts about the nature of her and Josh’s relationship.

According to a new report from UK tabloid The Sun, the pic quickly made the rounds on Instagram after it was picked up by a Teen Mom fan page.

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Mackenzie McKee is here with Josh. The two recently separated. (Photo via Instagram)

“#JoshMcKee new girlfriend, Halie. Josh and Halie have a total of 5 kids collectively when the whole crew gets together because she has 2 beautiful daughters of her own,” the admins wrote.

That’s when fans went a little nuts with the idea that Hailie looks like Mackenzie.

“He has a type,” one person commented.

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Josh and Mackenzie during happier times. (Photo via Instagram)

“Josh definitely has a type lol,” another echoed.

“She [looks] like Mackenzie smh,” a third chimed in.

You get the idea.

Fans were really, really blown away by the resemblance between Mackenzie and Hailie — which is odd, because it’s not like they’re identical twins.

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Mackenzie during her time on MTV. (Photo via MTV)

Sure, they’re both thin and blonde, but — eh, trying to reason with Instagram commenters is like herding cats.

Anyway, in addition to the folks who are convinced that Mackenzie and Hailie are twins, there were quite a few people who were shocked by the fact that Josh has already moved on.

“Color me surprised he’s already moved on,” one such commenter observed.

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Mackenzie worked hard to make her marriage last — but it wasn’t meant to be. (Photo via Instagram)

Yes, considering he had a wandering eye during the marriage, it’s not a huge surprise that Josh was quick to move on.

Mackenzie is probably similarly un-shocked, but we won’t know how she feels until/unless she speaks out on the matter.

Hopefully, she’s preparing to roast her ex with some sort of scathing takedown!