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We know that Kathy Hilton has a lot to say during the The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 12 Reunion.

But other people have more to say. It’s about Kathy, and no, it’s not about her “alleged” meltdown. Not exactly.

This time, it is about bigotry and slurs … unfortunately, not unfamiliar topics when it comes to Kathy.

Did Kathy Hilton use a homophobic slur? One of her castmates says that she did.

TMZ reports that Erika Jayne accuses Kathy Hilton of using a homophobic slur.

Apparently, she levels her charge during the The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 12 Reunion finale.

Per the same report, Kathy denies that it happened.

If you guessed that the alleged slur-slinging took place in Aspen, then you’ve also been watching this season.

According to Erika’s allegation, Kathy wielded this hateful slur against someone known to the cast.

The Housewives had spent time around the target earlier in the season.

Kathy Hilton has some notes (rhobh s11 reunion preview)

Production cameras were not rolling when Kathy allegedly spoke the homophobic slur.

Obviously, production investigated the claim after they heard about it — since they were, again, not present.

But when someone says a slur without multiple witnesses, or a recording, it becomes a she-said, she-said situation.

Sometimes, reality TV production will smooth over revelations and accusations. That can even include things that turn out to be true.

(A couple of years ago, 90 Day Fiance tried to hide that a white woman had called her Black husband the N-word, but the raw footage leaked)

But Bravo chose a different path. TMZ‘s report says that we will all hear Erika’s allegation for ourselves. And Kathy’s denial.

On Wednesday, we can all expect to hear Kathy insist that she not only did not use the slur, but never has.

At least, that’s what TMZ‘s sources are saying. Last-minute edits are always possible.

Meanwhile, Kathy reportedly also claims that Erika is simply lying about her. But … to what end?

Kyle Richards and Kathy Hilton

Interestingly, despite a lack of witnesses, it sounds like Kathy does have some “character witnesses.”

Some of her castmates reportedly speak up to defend her during the Reunion.

But it may or may not be a surprise to hear who remained conspicuously silent during the whole thing.

According to the report, Kyle just sat quietly next to Kathy during the back-and-forth with Erika.

It is, of course, evidence of how far their sisterly bond has fallen.

But it is possible that it speaks to what Kyle knows of her sister’s character. After all, she previously admitted that she felt relieved that Lisa Rinna had witnessed Kathy’s meltdown. Kyle knows who her sister really is.

Erika Girardi Meme - Gonna Give The Gays Everything They Want
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Girardi is known for her LGBT+ activism, and she was immortalized as a meme for this particular line.

Now, a she-said, she-said situation is tricky. This isn’t like a sexual assault, where a victim speaking out is often more likely to suffer than the accused.

Both could have motive to lie. Erika, for vague drama reasons. Kathy, to preserve her image with viewers who still like her.

Of course, since Erika has a years-spanning reputation as an LGBTQ+ ally and Kathy has faced allegations of bigotry and slurs before … we can all draw our own conclusions.