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We all know about the brutal clash between Lisa Rinna and Kathy Hilton. Kathy came to the Reunion ready to fight.

Did Lisa manufacture an alleged meltdown just to give herself something to talk about? That’s what Kathy wants people to believe.

But apparently, something that we didn’t see this season was a moment when Kyle confessed that she felt relieved that Lisa witnessed it.

So not only did Kyle believe Lisa, but she was happy that someone saw Kathy’s tantrum.

In a previously unrevealed RHOBH clip, Erika Jayne had something to share.

“I can just say, when all this was going down,” Erika began.

She continued: “Kyle said to me, ‘I’m glad that people are seeing this so they can–.’”

Erika did not get to finish her statement, however.

Kyle cut her off. She visibly felt annoyed, and her tone of voice matched that.

“By the way, that was between us, Erika, by the way, but thanks,” Kyle spat.

Kyle Richards Gets Serious at the Season 10 Reunion
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards dials up her aggression at the Season 10 Reunion special.

“I did not know that,” Erika replied, clearly feeling taken aback by Kyle’s words and the heat behind them.

But Kyle went on to insist that she had only confessed this to her “in private.”

“You get that, right?” Kyle then demanded, wanting to drive home the point.

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“I get it right now,” Erika replied.

But Kyle was not done berating Erika, or telling her exactly why she was upset about what she had just shared.

“If you’re doing this to protect me, this is only f–king hurting me,” Kyle said somewhat vaguely.

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards issues a grim warning about how the season turns out.

Kyle continued to speak about this to the confessional camera.

“If I share something in confidence,” she explained, “I don’t expect you to share it with the group.”

On the one hand, sure. But at the same time … is that a fair expectation in a Housewives environment?

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Especially when Kyle herself was celebrating that Lisa had shared a private moment with the group?

Even so, Kyle confirmed that she had said it to Erika, and even elaborated.

“And yes, I was relieved that someone else saw what I have to endure sometimes,” she admitted.

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Kyle then confirmed: “And yes, I did say that.”

She explained that she said that to Erika “because I was very hurt by my sister, and I was angry.”

But Kyle then reiterated that she “didn’t want to share that with everyone.”

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As for the event that Lisa Rinna witnessed, she was not the only one who saw Kathy spiraling that evening.

Everyone has their moments. You’re ready to leave a party, or nothing on a restaurant menu jumps out at you, and you feel cranky and on edge.

But Lisa said that it got much worse than that.

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And it sounds like Kyle has seen this type of ugly tantrum go down before.

Still, it’s unclear if fans — who seem to admire Kathy no matter her behavior — will change any of their views, no matter the evidence.

But we still have a lot of Tell All to watch and digest.