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It’s been a strange week for Nathan Griffith.

Late on Sunday night, Griffith revealed that he’s homeless and in urgent need of a place to stay.

The former Teen Mom 2 star did not go into specifics with regard to how he wound up living in his car, but he did blame his wife, from whom he is now estranged.

Nathan’s wife, May Oloya, apparently kicked him out of the couple’s Miami home following an argument.

Nathan Griffith Wears a Hat
Nathan Griffith wears a hat while doing an Instagram Live. (Photo via Instagram)

“Is there anywhere I can stay?” Nathan wrote on Instagram that same night.

“I wanna get out of Miami and I’m in my car with all my stuff! I have no where to stay!”

From there, Griffith revealed that he had been experiencing serious marital troubles.

Nathan Griffith is in a very difficult spot. The former Teen Mom 2 star is experiencing problems with both his marriage and his health. (Photo via Instagram)

“My wife makes me feel [like] I’m trapped,” he told his followers.

“I’m reaching out to anyone. Can I stay with you for a couple nights until I can figure out my problems!”

Perhaps not surprisingly, none of Nathan’s 42,000 followers were able to offer up a nearby place to stay on such short notice.

Nathan Griffith has fallen on hard times since the years of his MTV stardom. (Photo via MTV)

“So, as I expected…no one was up to the challenge,” Nathan later wrote.

“I am desperate in need. People said I could stay but not tonight. I am sleeping in my car!”

At that point, Nathan began lashing out at both his wife and the followers who were unable or unwilling to take him in.

Nathan explains his plight. (Via Instagram)

“My wife is completely psycho,” he wrote.

“I am trying to leave but no one will help a man in need! This is society!”

From there, the former fiancé of Jenelle Evans revealed that he’s battling a serious health condition.

Nathan Griffith Talking
Nathan Griffith does an Instagram Live without a shirt, because of course he does. (Photo via Instagram)

“When I’m begging for help! Guess what?!? I have hepatocellular carcinoma…and my family doesn’t answer!” he wrote, describing a form of liver cancer.

“So before you judge me…that’s my life!”

Some commenters were skeptical of Nathan’s claim, noting that her has a long history of being less than completely honest with fans.

Nathan Griffith Insta Pic
Nathan Griffith is pictured here on Instagram. It’s a screen capture from a video he recorded. (Photo via Instagram)

Others were sympathetic, and, as The Ashley’s Reality Roundup reports, many encouraged him to seek temporary shelter with an organization that aids homeless vets.

(Nathan served in the US Marine Corps prior to his relationship with Jenelle and subsequent rise to Teen Mom 2 stardom.)

Several fans asked Nathan why he didn’t just check into a hotel for the night, but Griffith does not seem to have responded to those queries.

EXCUSE ME???? Look, we know that Nathan is hardly new to the fitness world — he’s been big on hitting the gym since forever. But his eye-popping gains only get more impressive the more that he posts on social media. (Photo via Instagram)

Whatever the case, Nathan is clearly going through a lot at the moment, and we wish him all the best.

Hopefully, he’ll be able to find whatever kind of help he needs sometime very soon.

We’ll have further updates on this developing story as more information becomes available.