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Emily Bieberly was one of the gorgeous brides of 90 Day Fiance Season 9.

She and Kobe married, for better or for worse.

All season long, certain segments of 90 Day Fiance fans have refused to be normal about Emily.

But even her most outspoken detractors are praising her impressive and dramatic post-baby body transformation.

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“Same shirt, same gym, same body,” Emily wrote beside this before-and-after comparison.

“Different size,” she continued.

The body transformation is striking, especially given that she was pregnant for most of the recent episodes.

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“I’ve had this shirt since the very beginning of my workout journey,” Emily revealed.

“I just can’t seem to get rid of it,” she admitted.

“The first photo is from 2017,” Emily detailed. “The second photo was taken after the gym this morning.”

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“If you are wanting to start making healthier changes in your everyday life,” Emily went on.

She suggested: “Here are 3 easy changes you can make today.”

Emily began: “Drink more water! Start by adding 1-2 glasses extra a day.”

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Knowing how many of us fine plain water absolutely disgusting, she covered some options.

“I love just plain water,” Emily confessed, “but if you don’t try adding liquid IV.”

“Start parking in the farthest parking spot,” she wrote as her second recommendation.

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“Back when I first started my workout lifestyle I would park in the very back,” Emily shared.

“To get more steps in,” she continued, “and eventually it just became a habit.”

Emily’s third piece of advice was: “Get outside and do a 5 min walk.”

“I know it doesn’t sound like a lot,” she admitted.

Emily continued: “But eventually it’ll turn into a 15 min walk and then 30 mins.”

She concluded: “Small little changes turn into big results.”

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Let’s go through these, shall we?

Obviously, Emily is listing the things that worked for her — as makes sense.

While these are not bad pieces of advice for almost anyone, everyone’s body is different.

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This of course means that different people will see changes with different habits.

Of course, exercise has many tangible health benefits, not just superficial changes to weight or shape.

It looks like Emily is taking both into account on her own journey, which of course includes regular workouts at the gym.

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Emily’s first piece of advice is to drink more water, which is a good idea for so many of us.

Water is, for many people, so disgusting that we shudder to imagine our ancestors drinking almost nothing else.

But it is good for us. We have to force ourselves to drink water in greater quantities, whether or not weight loss is a goal.

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The advice to walk more, starting with very short walks and working up to longer ones, is spot-on.

Many of us are seated for most of both work and leisure activity, but walking is very healthy.

It is not uncommon to start walking for short periods of time and find that you start wanting to do it for longer stretches.

That said, there is something about the praise that Emily is receiving that rubs us the wrong way. Were audience reactions always tied to her body?

More than once during this season, we have gotten the impression that some of the hate against her is more about body-shaming than anything else.

We all know that being “too pretty” gets 90 Day Fiance women hate. It also happens for the gals who don’t meet exacting beauty standards. There’s no winning, sometimes.