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At the end of the 90 Day Fiance Season 9 Tell All Part 2, Bilal Hazziez seemed to have a moment of clarity.

He believes that he is in the right. But so many people labeling him as a villain has made him question himself.

There is more to viewers’ perceptions than Bilal’s control issues. Part of it has to do with him possibly misleading Shaeeda.

She dreams of having children. But … has Bilal undergone a vasectomy?

Bilal Hazziez has many qualities. Some are good — he is intelligent, perceptive, successful, driven, and gentle.

At the same time, he also clearly struggles with control issues.

These issues extend to his home, to his children, and to his wife, Shaeeda Sween.

It’s not just that he is so very particular about how she interacts with his house — sometimes, his concerns are reasonable.

But Bilal even polices the language that Shaeeda uses. He doesn’t like when she says “lecture” to describe his lectures.

Somehow, Shaeeda has been able to overlook so much of this. They are married. And they are still together.

Shaeeda is not a parent. She wants to have children. Bilal has two teens, who already have a mother.

Bilal does not want more kids, but has dragged his heels to avoid telling Shaeeda directly.

Officially, he just wants to hold off on having kids for a couple of years. There is an un-enforceable clause in their prenup about having children before she turns 40.

The Tell All filmed months after Bilal and Shaeeda married, but she was still not pregnant.

In fact, when Emily and Kobe’s lack of birth control came up (they are using condoms now), Shaeeda shaded Bilal.

If they wanted advice on not getting pregnant, she suggested, they should speak to Bilal. He’s an expert.

Shaeeda also joked at the Tell All that Bilal enjoys a lot of “practice” for baby-making.

What she would like to see, after all of this practice, is some results.

Production either didn’t let Shaun ask why Shaeeda isn’t pregnant, or maybe they did but edited out the explanation. What gives?

If you ask a lot of very vocal 90 Day Fiance fans on social media, the answer is simple:

Bilal had a vasectomy. A vasectomy that he is hiding from viewers but also from his wife, Shaeeda.

At the Tell All, he simply said that he is leaving this matter up to divine intervention. Or was that just a cover?

Vasectomies are a great idea in general. They are simple and often affordable procedures.

They are usually reversible, though freezing some sperm beforehand is not a bad idea.

Given recent rollbacks of human rights, firing off live sperm could be a potential death sentence. Public interest in vasectomies has spiked in the past several months.

But honesty is pretty vital when it comes to sex. In fact, it plays a key role in consent.

If Bilal has undergone a vasectomy, he absolutely owes Shaeeda the truth — no matter how difficult that conversation might be.

Of course, there are alternative explanations.

First and foremost, some people try for years before conceiving.

The teaser for 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?‘s upcoming season also suggests that Shaeeda may discover that she has fertility issues.

So we may find our answers soon. And it’s very possible that production edited out a lot of clarity to drive up interest for HEA.