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Well, it looks like Demi Lovato released her new single “29” just in time.

The title references Demi’s age, among other things, but just about 24 after the track’s release, Lovato hit the big 3-0!

And it seems that Demi has a lot to celebrate beyond her milestone birthday and the release of her album!

Yes, after weeks of speculation, we can now say with absolute certainty that Demi is dating Jute$!

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Demi Lovato and Jute$ are officially dating! The couple confirmed the rumors with an Instagram selfie on Demi’s birthday! (Photo via Instagram)

On Saturday, Demi posted in an Instagram Story in which she and the Canadian singer-songwriter posed for a selfie in front of a mirror.

“Bday bitch with her love,” Demi captioned the pic, in case there was any confusion about the nature of her relationship with Jute$.

Not to be outdone, Jute$ posted a collage of pics, along with a caption in which he explained that he was “literally bursting with joy” over his new relationship.

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Demi and Jute$ are Instagram official! (Photo via Instagram)

“Happy birthday baby. ur a 30-year-old minx and i’m the luckiest schmuck in the world cuz i get to call u mine,” he wrote alongside several PDA-packed photos and videos of the couple.

“Making u laugh has become my new obsession cuz ur smile literally cures my depression (there’s a song lyric in there somewhere).”

Jute$ went on to praise Demi for her strength in overcoming abuse and addiction.

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Demi and Jute$ have been quietly dating for months. (Photo via Instagram)

“I’m so proud of u for not only surviving everything you’ve been through but coming out on top and becoming ur healthiest happiest sweetest self,” he added.

“And that’s all u baby … i’m just here to support u and tell stupid dad jokes when needed. ur more than ur music, more than ur voice, more than a beautiful face. ur everything. i love u.”

Needless to say, it sounds like the man is rather smitten with Demi — and fans couldn’t be happier for the two musicians.

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Demi and Jute$ seem to be having a lot of fun together! (Photo via Instagram)

The pair met when Jute$ came in as a collaborator on a song off of Demi’s new album, Holy Fvck, which was released to widespread critical acclaim last week.

An insider says that the couple have been “secretly dating for months now.”

“Things are going really well and they have a lot in common,” the source told E! News in a recent interview.

“They bond over music.”

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Demi just dropped a mew single, and fans are applauding the lyrics. (Photo via Instagram)

“She’s definitely smitten,” the insider added. “Everyone thinks he is really good for her.”

Well, we don’t know a whole lot about their relationship, but if the reviews for Demi’s new album are any indication, she and Jute$ certainly work well together musically.

And given what a personal project this was, we’re guessing the recording sessions for Holy Fvck were probably rather intense.

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In the lyrics, Demi discusses her relationship with Wilmer Valderrama and alleges that the actor pursued her romantically when he was 29 and she was just 17.

Valderrama has yet to respond to those claims.

Whatever the case, there’s no denying that Demi has been through a whole lot in her young life — and a healthy, supportive relationship with a like-minded artist is exactly what she deserves as she enters her thirties!