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Kody Brown is not an especially caring individual.

Based on what we saw from the father of 18 throughout the latest season of Sister Wives especially, he seems very selfish and, often, downright cruel.

For this reason, it’s safe to say our expectations for Kody are lower than the recent ratings for this very same season of Sister Wives.

But we may be alone in this assessment.

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On Saturday, you see, Janelle Brown paid tribute to her grandson, sharing a bunch of photos of little Axel and writing alongside the montage:

"I can hardly believe this grand baby of mine is 5 years old today! I remember your birth like it was just yesterday. Happy Happy Birthday Axel! Grandma loves you so much."

In one of the snapshots shared by Janelle, Axel and his sister, Evie, are sitting on the front steps of a house, smiling for the camera while being embraced by this grandparent.

Adorable, right?

It didn’t take long for observers to notice, however, that Kody was nowhere to be found in this picture collection.

He didn’t mention his grandson’s birthday anywhere on social media, either.

As we detailed above, such a snub really ought to NOT come as a surprise.

Kody, as you may recall, didn’t accompany his daughter to her spinal surgery a couple years ago, either. He’s not what some might classify as a family man.

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And yet… plenty of social media users, who we presume are also avid Sister Wives fans, reacted to Kody’s inaction in shock and anger.

"Does your husband, his grandfather, Kody EVER vist them…..go on vacation with them, spend any time with them??? Or just you?" one person asked, for example, while another chimed in as follows:

"So cute. U look happy! But does Cody ever visit his Grandchildren?"

Axel and Evie, of course, belong to Maddie Brown Brush, one of six kids Kody shares with Janelle.

Kody Brown with Janelle

It’s possible Kody simply forgot about the birthday or sent Axel some amazing present and we simply have no idea.

But let’s think for a moment about what we do know, shall we?

Janelle has been traveling a lot of late, even doing so recently with Christine Brown… who walked away from Kody and her plural marriage in November.

She also talked openly on Season 16 about her dissatisfaction with this same arrangement, openly wondering why she continues to practice polygamy.

Kody and Janelle Brown on Air

"I’ve caught myself in the last few weeks really reflecting and being like, ‘Okay, look: do I still choose plural marriage?’" confessed Janelle to Robyn a few months ago, adding at the time:

"Yeah, I still choose it, but I’ve had to have that conscious decision with myself."

Janelle acknowledged back then that it helped to have multiple women around when it came to raising children.

But now that the kids were grown and out of the house? It’s become harder forr Janelle to justify the ongoing situation.

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There aren’t any overt signs that Janelle plans on leaving Kody, however.

Unless you believe an old Us Weekly report.

“Janelle meant it when [she] said she would leave Kody,” a source supposedly told this tabloid in January, stunning readers by adding with authority:

It’s going to happen.