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Sister Wives fans can breathe a sigh of relief right now.

And they can also continue to rail against Kody Brown.

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On Wednesday evening, Christine Brown delivered an important update to fans, telling them that 17-year old daughter Ysabel is recovering well after serious back surgery.

"We’re back at my sister’s house now! What an intense week!! She’s feeling A LOT BETTER!!" the TLC star wrote as a caption to the photo above of Ysabel and her sisters.

"Thanks for your love and prayers and good thoughts!! We’re blessed by your love and concern!!"

Ysabel spent five days recovering in hospital from a procedure for scoliosis.

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We wouldn’t normally focus very much on a teenager’s surgery — aside from simply wishing her well — but Ysabel’s condition has seemingly revealed a lot about the Browns.

For starters, they are in desperate need for money.

We haven’t gotten an inside look at their finances, but Kody has allegedly spent $1.8 million on Arizona houses and real estate, which includes a wasted parcel of land in Flagstaff and multiple mortgages.

In the wake of this report and this whopping figure being made public, Christine was forced to beg fans for money so her daughter could undergo this surgery.

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Secondly, Ysabel’s status has also shed a great deal of light on Kody’s relationship with his kids.

He did NOT go with her and Christine to New Jersey for the actual surgery, supposedly because all the quarantining he would have needed to do would have taken him away from other family members for too long.

He didn’t send any well wishes on social media, either.

And he hasn’t said anything now that his child is no longer under the care of doctors.

Kody Brown Talks a Lot

Explained Mykelti to fans when asked why Kody didn’t accompany Ysabell for her surgery:

“If he flies out to be with them … then he has to quarantine for two weeks before and two weeks after, which means he has to go a month without seeing any of the rest of the family so no he will not be there during the surgery.

"However, he can hang out with them after the surgery.

"So instead it is two-and-a-half weeks where he can’t see my mom and my mom’s kids or it’s a month where he won’t be able to see anybody."

This maybe sounds fair, but: Kody still doesn’t appear to be with Ysbael now that’s resting comfortably.

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The theory going around among critics is that Kody snubbed his daughter here because he only carres about his fourth and youngest wife, Robyn.

"Leave the rest of the family?" replied on social media user after Mykelti penned the excuse above.

"Meri is on her own and has been in Utah. Janelle doesn’t need him around cause she has one kid that’s a teen minor and another that’s a young adult.

"What help does she need at this point? It’s so obvious he’s staying for Robyn and her kids."

Kody Can't Handle This

Another added:

"Who is he kidding? I don’t disagree with his decision.

"It does seem Christine has a handle on her kids and Robyn’s family is much higher needs than the rest of the family, so it’s probably the best decision.

"But let’s be clear it’s not for the good of the rest of the family.”

Kody Brown for Sister Wives

TLC has not yet announced a Sister Wives renewal.

We have no idea if the show is coming back or not and, if not, the family’s money problems will only continue to get worse.

Kody will probably go even more distant from his sons and daughters, too, because he won’t be obligated to film any scenes with them.

These poor children, you know? We feel terrible for them.