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Earlier this month, 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way alum Deavan Clegg shared good news.

Her divorce from Jihoon Lee was finalized at last, and Deavan was awarded full custody of their son.

Unfortunately, Taeyang has now been stricken with an unexpected health battle.

Deavan revealed that her 3-year-old son is undergoing treatment for leukemia.

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On Tuesday, May 31, Deavan Clegg took to Instagram to share heartbreaking news.

"I have vowed to always be 100% transparent with you guys," she began.

"And," Deavan continued, "I am choosing to share the most vulnerable and saddest point of my life right now."

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Deavan explained that she is only opening up "in hopes it can help give anyone else dealing with a similar situation some strength."

"I’m overcome with so much emotion and devastation to announce that my beloved son Taeyang," she stated.

"Who just celebrated his third birthday last week," Deavan noted, "was just diagnosed with childhood cancer."

Deavan Clegg Shows Off Freshly Plumped Lips
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"B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia just a few days ago," Deavan specified.

"He has already undergone multiple procedures," she shared, "and started chemotherapy treatment just two days ago."

Deavan expressed: "This is every parents absolute worst nightmare and I’m trying hard to stay strong for Taeyang, Drascilla, and my baby in my tummy."

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"Taeyang will need around the clock hospital care," Deavan explained.

"And this will be a long two year process," she detailed.

Fortunately, Deavan pointed out "that has a high success rate of full recovery in five years."

Deavan Clegg and Topher Park with Drascilla and Taeyang
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"I’m still processing all of this and asking for prayers, please," Deavan requested.

"If anyone would like to donate to assist with his medical care," she added, "I would be forever grateful as this nightmare has been completely unexpected."

"The link to donate is in my bio," Deavan shared, linking here.

"I will also create some kind of support fundraiser t-shirt this week too," Deavan continued.

She explained that she is "just still trying to wrap my head around all of this."

"Also if anyone knows of any childhood cancer support groups and resources," Deavan asked, "please tag them below."

Deavan Clegg Reflects
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"I’m so beside myself right now and my heart is broken," Deavan wrote.

"Thank you friends and supporters for your prayers, healing vibes, and strength," she concluded.

That is a devastating piece of news, and we will keep Taeyang and the entire family in our thoughts.

Topher Park with Taeyang Lee on a Walk
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It took weeks of emergency hospitalizations and consultations before Taeyang received a diagnosis.

B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia can be fatal in months, or even weeks, if it is left untreated.

ALL occurs most commonly in children. Based upon 2015 statistics, it claims the lives of about one-eighth of those diagnosed.

Taeyang zoom in and name tag

Taeyang is now getting care, and we of course hope for the best.

Healthcare is extremely expensive, but Deavan and Topher are putting Taeyang first. We know that this treatment process is going to be hard on him.

We all hope for swift and total remission for Taeyang. He is surrounded by family who love him, and will make him as comfortable as possible while he spends time in and out of hospitals.