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Corey Gamble took the stand on Tuesday, laying out his version of events that transpired between Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian back on December 15, 2016.

The long-time boyfriend of Kris Jenner, Gamble was sworn in as a witness in Chyna’s ongoing defamation lawsuit against her former fiance and his family members, having accused the Kardashians in this legal paperwork of disparaging her to such an extent years ago that they cost her $100 million in earnings.

Specifically, Chyna points to social media posts Rob shared after the couple split up, most notably a series of explicit nude photos he leaked of his ex.

Chyna also claims that Kris and her daughters pressured E! to cancel her and Rob’s reality show after just one season.

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Called to testify by the defense on Tuesday inside of a Los Angeles courthouse, Gamble told jurors that he was awoken in the middle of the aforementioned night by a call from Rob to Kris.

"F-ck you, I’m a kill you fat motherf-cker," Gamble says he heard Chyna screaming in the background.

Because Rob and Chyna were staying at Kylie Jenner’s house at the time… and because it was just a few blocks away and Corey sensed Rob was in major trouble… Gamble said he raced over in his car to assist.

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At the front door, Corey says he heard Chyna yelling at Rob in anger, telling him she hated him and threatening that she "would kill him."

After letting himself in through the unlocked door, Gamble said he saw Chyna standing by the bedroom with a rod of some sort in her hand and Rob — about seven feet away — looking red in the face and neck.

Once Chyna spotted Gamble?

She dropped this rod, he testified, and picked up a phone cord.

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“She started whipping it at him,” Gamble said under oath.

“She was hitting Rob and I got in the middle and got hit too.

"I had to try to get her attention on me so [Rob] could get his belongings and get out of the house. I could smell the alcohol on her.”

The house was “a mess” Gamble continued, detailing how there were Christmas decorations strewn across the floor, along with a broken gingerbread house.

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Rob tried to leave, Gamble went on, grabbing his keys and wallet and heading toward the driveway — but Corey’s car was blocking Kardashian’s vehicle at the time.

At this point, Chyna allegedly picked up a patio chair and hurled it at Rob’s car, Gamble testified.

“She jumped on the back of him and punched him on the back of his head,” Gamble said in court, adding:

“She tried to get the small table to throw it at him but Rob was already in his car.”

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Gamble hung around the house after Rob got away.

“I asked her what was going on and she yelled that she hated him … she didn’t like him,” Gamble said. “She said, ‘Why would I like this fat fucker if he wasn’t a part of this family?’”

When asked why he decided to intervene in the fight between the former couple, Gamble looked at the jurors and replied:

“I grew up around that kind of behavior. That’s why I told [Rob] that this was not going to stop. I could just tell this was something he didn’t want to be a part of.”

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Chyna hasn’t denied getting physical with Rob in the past.

She’s even confessed to once holding a gun to Kardashian’s head, saying herself in court last week that it was merely a joke.

Elsewhere in this trial, Kylie Jenner testified that Chyna once threatened to kill her, as well, and said that Tyga (who both Chyna and Kylie have dated) told her awhile back that Chyna previously attacked him with a knife.