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From the very beginning of her relationship with Prince Harry, Meghan Markle has faced an endless barrage of criticism from royal "traditionalists" and snarkier members of the British media.

The harshest complaints often involved unflattering comparisons between Meghan and Princess Diana.

The traditionalists and the journalists alike reveled in the hurtful observation that Harry’s wife could never hold a candle to his mother.

And what’s to be gained by such a brutal allegation?

Meghan at the Invictus Games

Well, nothing constructive, but it’s the sort of invective that sells newspapers and garners clicks.

Now, those old complaints are being given new life by Tina Brown, whose authority on the question of what Diana might think is two-fold:

Not only is Brown a living legend in the world of journalism — a recipient of countless honors, including a Commander of the Order of the British Empire appointment — she was a close friend of Princess Di’s.

Meghan and Harry Walk Together

Brown appeared on Washington Post Live this week to promote her new book about the royals, and as expected, she did not mince words when the topic turned to Meghan.

Arguing that Meghan has "no purpose" other than seeking fame and fortune, Brown alleged that the Duchess wants to be the next Michelle Obama but lacks the former first lady’s commitment to humanitarianism.

"They wanted to be able to have a commercial arm to their activities," Brown said of Harry and Meghan.

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"That was the stumbling block. Meghan certainly saw the deals that were there to be made because they were royals," she continued.

"It’s as though she couldn’t resist everything that was on offer on the celebrity buffet."

Brown went on to allege that Meghan is consumed with "a hunger to avail herself of the global leverage, to live in glorious houses without strings attached."

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in NYC

She also claimed, "A very close adviser told me ‘we always knew he would go at some point he was very unhappy."

As for Harry’s role in all of this, Brown argues that he’s a reluctant participant in his wife’s quest for global domination, but notes that he probably would’ve stepped down as a royal even if it weren’t for Meghan’s influence.

"I really think Harry wanted out, himself. Meghan gave Harry the tools to leave. She understood the world of agents and deals," Brown argued.

Meghan and Harry at the Invictus Games

"I mean this wasn’t Harry’s world, but suddenly he had in Meghan a very worldly strategist who he decided to trust above all the other advisors. They both completely underestimated what it was going to be like to be without the palace platform.

"The Palace has amazing convening power, every major invitation in the world comes through that conduit. All of that is now gone."

Brown claims that the Sussexes’ time in America has not been successful, and she alleges that that’s entirely a result of Meghan’s lack of substance.

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"Meghan doesn’t really have a brand – you feel that she is grasping at the ‘Twitter caring’ of the moment. Vaccinations, Ukraine, Women’s rights, my 40th birthday, let’s have a mentoring scheme. Nothing is really going anywhere for Meghan," the journalist observed.

"And the whole problem, with entertainment deal is you have to produce. They’ve signed with Netflix but what have we seen? Nothing," she continued.

"Creating entertainment that works is very hard to do. Their Spotify podcast is going nowhere. Netflix is not doing so well are they going to renew that contract?"

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Brown’s latest comments come on the heels of her observation that Harry and Meghan skipped Prince Philip’s memorial service simply because Meghan "disliked England."

And for all her Meg-bashing, Brown admitted that the royals need the Sussexes just as much as the Sussexes need the royals.

She concluded by noting that Meghan and Harry’s recent visit to the Queen represents a glimmer of hope for the future, and both parties can capitalize on this moment by making the most of Elizabeth’s upcoming Platinum Jubilee.

Meghan, Harry, Elizabeth

"So it was actually very, very sad for everybody that it went so wrong because they actually need Harry and Meghan now. You should see, the Queen is failing, and she’s very frail," Brown said.

"They kind of need Harry and Meghan to bring that star power and to be on the balcony at the Jubilee. We have to have a royal family up there. We can’t have Andrew up there."

Yes, despite the fact that Prince Andrew recently paid off his sexual assault victim using money he borrowed from the Queen, Meghan is still the primary target for Tina Brown and the rest of the British media.

Funny how that works.