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For Angelina Pivarnick, things have gone from bad to much worse.

The long-time Jersey Shore cast member, who is in the middle of an ugly split from husband Chris Larangeira, told social media followers this week that she’s in the hospital.

"Please whomever is calling me and texting me give me time to respond," she wrote on her Instagram Story page, adding in ominous fashion:

"I’m not doing well at all. My health comes before everything else."

Angelina Pivarnick3

Angelina didn’t reveal the specific medical reason for this hospitalization.

She did later post video of herself lying in bed, however, explaining that recent stress has caused her immune system to become “super low.”

Referencing "all the stress I’ve endured the past couple months," Pivarnick continued:

"I wish this pain on no one in this entire world."

Yikes, huh?

"I hope this too shall pass and I hope brighter days are ahead of me," the MTV personality wrote.

"Stress is definitely a killer. No one lives in my bones and can understand the amount of pain I’ve endured lately.”

After noting that “God has me,” she added: “There’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Soon enough I will see the light.”

It seems hard to imagine that Angelina isn’t talking about her divorce her.

She and Larangeira were married for about two years when Pivarnick filed legal papers several months ago to break up.

But she then withdrew this filing and it appeared as if the couple was attempting to reconcile.

Then, though, Larangeira filed to divorce Pivarnick in February.

Chris Larangeira and Angelina Pivarnick on MTV
Photo via MTV

In the weeks since, cheating rumors have been running rampant — on both sides.

There’s been chatter that Angelina was sleeping around behind her husband’s back almost from the moment the two exchanged vows.

She allegedly did so while filming a Jersey Shore spinoff abroad.

More recently, meanwhile, a transgender model came out and claimed she slept with Chris in Miami.

Angelina Pivarnick and Her Husband

Someone named Jazyln Rose spoke to The Sun this month and alleged Chris reached out to her over Instagram, telling her last summer that she was "beautiful."

They continued to talk… Rose told Larangeira that she was transgender… and he reportedly was totally cool with it.

"When I told him I was trans he said it was not a problem for him, and he had been with a trans woman a long time ago in New York when he was younger, like around 20," Rose said to The Sun.

Angelina and Chris Larangeira

After sharing many more exchanges, Rose claims she and Chris had sex on March 11 — which, to be fair, is over a month since he filed his divorce papers.

For her part, Angelina has been accused of cheating on Chris with a man named Joe Tarallo from Old Bridge, New Jersey; and also with Mexican reality star Luis Caballero.

"[Chris] had known about Joe from Old Bridge, but thought she was now loyal and dedicated to working on their marriage,” an insider close to Larangeira told The Sun late last month.

When Chris found out about Luis, "he was heartbroken," this individual added.

Larangeira has since moved out of the home he shared with Angelina and is living in Staten Island.