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Last week, Teresa Giudice was hospitalized for an emergency procedure.

An appendectomy is no joke — and not, as some had suspected, overhyped "drama" due to her Bravo career.

Upon hearing the truth of the matter, RHONJ viewers have anxiously wondered if Tre will make it to the Reunion.

Not to worry, Gia tells her mom’s fans. But she also has a request for Teresa’s castmates.

Teresa Giudice Confessional Photograph

21-year-old Gia Giudice took to Instagram Live on Wednesday to share some news.

Her mom is "doing good," the gorgeous Bravolebrity reports.

As many of us have learned firsthand, recovery from an appendectomy is often more painful than the appendicitis itself.

Photo via Instagram

However, Teresa’s path to recovery has meant that she has had to change her attitude … and her volume level.

"She can’t yell," Gia detailed.

She explained that this is "’cause her stomach might hurt."

Teresa Giudice with a Smile

Gia’s warning makes sense.

During most appendectomies, small incisions are made in the navel and groin in order to access, sever, and remove the inflamed organ.

However, this is serious surgery, cutting into the abdomen and extracting an entire organ — recovery takes time, and Teresa needs to take it easy.

Photo via Bravo

With this in mind, Gia has asked that everyone "go easy on her."

She means this in general, we’re sure, but also requests this of Teresa’s castmates.

After all, Teresa will be unable to comfortably scream at them … something that she is in the habit of doing.

Teresa Giudice and Her Fiance

For so much of Season 12, Teresa has been lashing out at anyone who questions her relationship.

If someone asks important questions about Luis Ruelas, she flips out.

Yes, he’s her fiance, but aren’t odd videos on social media and alarming accusations from his exes worth discussing?

Teresa Giudice in 2019

Not according to Teresa.

Anyone who asks — largely out of concern for her and for her daughters — is accused of trying to "pop" her "love bubble."

When you’re that defensive, it can be a sign that you’re being manipulated … but it can also be a sign that you’re just someone who doesn’t handle conflict well.

Photo via BRAVO

In many cases, appendicitis is detected early enough for the organ to be removed before it bursts.

According to Dolores Catania’s statement after Teresa was admitted to the hospital, her appendix had ruptured.

Fortunately, Teresa’s representative soon confirmed that she was "in recovery, currently resting,a nd she thanks everyone for their prayers and well-wishes."

Photo via Bravo

One of the struggles of recovery from appendectomy surgery can come from more than just the appendix or surgical incisions.

In the aftermath of an appendicitis, some struggle with pockets of gas under their skin — invisible but agonizing — leftover from surgery.

Essentially, parts of the body are filled with harmless air to give surgeons more room, but remaining air can cause days of pain.

Teresa Giudice Teases Fans

Teresa has likely been struggling to sleep or to eat.

Additionally, the act of standing up can be a struggle after any kind of abdominal surgery.

Too often, we don’t realize how frequently we use a particular set of muscles until they are injured. We wish Teresa  speedy, quiet recovery.