Danielle Ruhl: Love Is Blind Was SOOOO Stressful! I Gained 20 Pounds!

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Danielle Ruhl is once again opening up about her time as a cast member on Love Is Blind Season 2.

Earlier this week, the reality star shared a number of photos of herself over the years, revealing in the process that she's often struggled with body image.

And being in the spotlight? On a widely-watched series that focused on one's personal life and journey?

It didn't exactly help.

Danielle Ruhl and Nick

“The past year I’ve worked so much on self love and focusing on inner beauty regardless of weight and appearance," wrote Ruhl to begin this lengthy caption/message.

"I know I discussed my insecurities on the show, and want everyone who related to know that you can overcome those insecurities, and are beautiful no matter what."

The Netflix personality recalled deleting pictures at her “heaviest” because she was ashamed of herself.

“But I realize I shouldn’t be and I regret it and now embrace it,” she continued.

Danielle Ruhl Picture

She went on as follows:

“I wanted to share a few photos of how my weight fluctuates throughout the months and years. (I even gained 20 pounds during filming due to stress).

"Showing this to remind myself and everyone that beauty comes from the inside.

"We should love ourselves no matter what.”

Ruhl pics

Ruhl, who works as an associate marketing director, explained that having a healthy relationship her body has been crucial on her road to wellness. It's also been a challenge.

“My weight can change all of the time based on time of year, healthy habits, stress levels, how busy I am etc. Now I forgive myself when this happens, and refuse to be my own worst critic,” Ruhl added.

“Also I’m not saying I’m heavy, fat, etc in these photos.

"Just showing how it is all over the place and has been and continues to be today.”

Danielle Ruhl on Instagram

Ruhl, of course, got engaged to Nick Thompson after meeting him via a pod on Love Is Blind.

Unlike many other couples on the program, they actually made it down the aisle, too.

“I understand that I have things to work on, and I was in a great mental space before going on the show," the newlywed wrote last month.

"However, the stressful environment brought me back to a place that I never expected.

"I hope that in the future everyone will get to know the real me -- as a human being -- and not a character on a reality TV show.”

Danielle Ruhl Instagram Photo

Ruhl concluded:

“I am not looking for sympathy or saying that I did not make mistakes throughout my experience.

"I am looking for understanding for every single person who may have demons they are facing behind closed doors, for everyone who feels misrepresented, or for anyone who is triggered by those who attack others for having feelings that others may not understand.”

Back on February 14, Ruhl shared a similar message about mental health.

Danielle Ruhl Image

"For those amazing women who have reached out sharing their stories, experiences and similarities, it means more to me than you know," she wrote back then on social media.

"Nothing is more beautiful than women building up women and I can’t wait to grow and learn from empathizing with each other.

"I hope for nothing but happiness for all."

Danielle Ruhl mental health

Added Ruhl at the time, admitting she's in therapy:

Navigating self-love and mental health is a journey, but I have been spending every single day working on continuing to grow.

There are a lot of inaccurate assumptions as to why I had a panic attack in Mexico.

I do understand that there are times that I can project insecurities and anxieties onto others and take accountability for my actions, and am learning to continue work on not letting my past experiences shape the way I view the world or others.

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