Shayne Jansen: Shake Chatterjee Is Even More Evil Than Love Is Blind Fans Realize!

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Reality dating shows are a dime a dozen in 2022.

But Love Is Blind has managed to set itself apart from the pack for two distinct reasons:

1. The show's premise -- couples meet and get engaged without ever laying eyes on one another -- is bonkers, but somehow the experiment has yielded encouraging results in two consecutive seasons.

2. The casting for Love Is Blind Season 2 was inspired, as producers eschewed the usual fresh-faced pageant queens and former pro athletes for something very different.

Love Is Blind Season 2 Cast

The second installment of the Netflix series featured a cast of mostly 30-something Chicagoans, who all seem like people you might meet and make the acquaintance of in real life.

The fact that they're all from the same city increased the likelihood of successful pairings, and indeed, two couples wound up tying the knot in the series finale!

Of course, there's always an element of luck when it comes to casting, and LiB producers were fortunate to stumble upon a world-class villain in the form of Shake Chatterjee.

Deepti and Shake

In a recent interview, the show's creator revealed that he has some regrets about casting Shake -- but as repugnant as he may have come off at times, there's no denying that Chatterjee made for compelling viewing.

Now, Shake's co-star Shayne Jansen is also speaking out against him.

And as fans of the show have come to expect, Shayne is not mincing words.

Natalie and Shayne

During a recent appearance on Nick Viall's "Viall Files" podcast, Shayne alleged that Shake "called out a lot of people at the reunion and [said] stuff that would be very, very bad."

"Shake, he means absolutely nothing to me. So I don't want to give him any more f------ publicity. I don't want to give any more s---," Jansen continued.

"I'm just kind of done with Shake. He's a terrible person."

Shake, Shayne

Shayne then dialed back his criticism and noted that it looks as though Shake is "going through a lot right now."

"I don't think he's dealing with it correctly at all. I think there's some underlying issues that are going on that he is, like, not addressing for himself," he said.

"Deep down, do I think he's a bad person? I don't know. I can't say that I guess, because I don't know him that well."

Shake Chatterjee For OnlyFans

Nick then pressed Shayne to reveal exactly what Shake said at the reunion, but Jansen declined.

"I don't want to say it personally," he explained.

"I don't want it to come out of my mouth. And out of respect for the other cast members, I don't want to say it either."

Shake on IG

Shayne also addressed allegations that he was on drugs throughout much of the season.

While he copped to using drugs recreationally in the past, he scoffed at the claims that he was "carrying cocaine on me and snorting lines and doing all this kind of stuff in the bathroom"

Jansen explains that he has "severe ADHD," which often makes him appear anxious.

And not surprisingly, the pressure of filming exacerbated his condition.

Shayne and Natalie Pic

"You have cameras here, cameras here, staring at you while you're confessing your love and you're talking about deep emotions," he said about his time on the show.

"It's an uncomfortable situation, regardless."

While he wasn't nearly as badly behaved as Shake, Shayne memorably told Natalie Lee that he hates her the day before the two of them were supposed to get married.

Shayne and Natalie Close Up

For obvious reasons, the two of them did not wind up exchanging vows.

So in a way, we suppose Shayne should be thankful to Shake.

If it weren't for his asinine behavior, we would all be blasting Shayne as the worst thing to come out of LiB Season 2!

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