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You almost have to hand it to Shake Chatterjee.

The resident douche bag of Love Is Blind Season 2 has fully committed to the villain routine, and he doesn’t seem to mind that he’s one of the most hated reality stars in recent memory.

If you watched the show, then you know that Shake was not attracted to Deepti.

That would have been fine, had he handled it like an adult and simply broken things off, but instead he decided to string Deepti along, all the while telling the entire world that she wasn’t up to his exacting physical standards.

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It was hall of fame dickish behavior, even by the lofty standards of reality dating shows.

These days, Chatterjee has a new girlfriend, and it seems that despite the many, many red flags that he displayed during his time on LiB, they’re already discussing marriage.

Shake opened up about the situation during a recent interview on the The Domenick Nati Show.

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“We’ve talked about it, yeah,” Chatterjee said, according to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup.

“I mean, not like when are we getting married, but more like, I’m not gonna be spending my time with someone who I’m not ready to, like, commit to big time now. Like, I’m not gonna make it official with somebody I’m not, like, ready to be serious with.” 

Shake noted that he and Emily Wilson probably won’t get married this year, and he explained that moving so quickly would be “a pretty aggressive move.” 

“I want a forever partner and basically [Emily and I] kind of cut to those points pretty quickly,” he said.

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“Let me just say, this is the happiest I’ve ever been. I’m like, totally in love.” 

Moving on to his relationship with Deepti (of course), Shake revealed that the two of them never had sex during their time together, despite having “many opportunities where we could have.” 

“I felt in my heart of hearts that I didn’t want my body to make a promise to her body,” Chatterjee said, before explaining his very scientific theory that sex is more meaningful to women than it is to men.

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“You know, as a scientist I’ll say this: women release a lot of oxytocin when they have sex and oxytocin is a love hormone,” Shake said.

“So when you have sex with a woman, there’s a chemical pair bonding that happens that is, like, very powerful and I didn’t feel like it was right of me to do that when I was having such a tough time committing to the relationship.”

Chatterjee then patted himself on the back for not banging Deepti, even though he totes could have, bro.

“if you’re horny enough … you could have sex with someone you don’t necessarily feel is going to be a long-term partner," he said.

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“I wasn’t attracted enough to make that commitment to [Deepti],” 

Shake went on to explain that he’s “hurt” by Vempati’s recent comments about him, as he feels that she’s “playing up this victim thing so hard when we had so much fun and I took so good care of her.” 

He went to accuse all of his co-stars of being two-faced liars, insisting that they were all cool with him until it became time to film the Love Is Blind Season 2 reunion.

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“That was crazy to me and I started kind of seeing it and calling it out [on the reunion] and they did not like it,” he said.

“People will just lie through their teeth to protect their image and align with whoever they need to align with.” 

“They all knew all of this, but once they knew who was gonna be hated and who was gonna be loved, they jumped ship and aligned themselves [against me]."

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Shake insisted that the Kyle Abrams and other stars were only pretending to hate him for the sake of the audience. 

“I was literally watching the Super Bowl with him and Deepti and Shayne [Jansen] one week before that,” Shake said.

“So to feel that, like now the cameras are on you’re gonna say something like that. Like, why didn’t you tell me the 50 times we hung out before? That was saved on purpose to be a dramatic statement, like, kind of at my expense, even though I didn’t really feel hurt by it.” 

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Asked if he’s had any contact with his castmates, Shake replied in the negative.

“Why would I?” he said. “They revealed their character.” 

Something tells us that they’re quite alright with that arrangement.

Best of luck, Emily!