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Back in 2019, David Eason beat, shot and killed the family dog right in front of his horrified children.

The 11-pound French bulldog named Nugget became a symbol for Jenelle Evans’ critics, many of whom were quick to celebrate when the controversial reality star was fired by MTV after siding with David and helping him lie to the media.

Eventually, the Easons came clean with the truth of what happened, but they were too late to save their careers.

These days, Jenelle is reportedly broke, and she’s spent the past three years trying desperately to get back onto TV.

Jenelle and David at a Real Farm

Despite all of that, however, it seems that David might not have learned a lesson about refraining from murdering his children’s pets.

Yet another dog has now disappeared from the Easons’ property, and David’s Instagram followers aren’t buying his explanation.

Just weeks after Junior was introduced on social media, the dog has gone missing, and Eason rather unconvincingly claims that a neighbor is to blame.

"Update on Junior. This was a draft from two weeks ago," Eason wrote in a recent Instagram post. 

"After that day he ran off again and the lady down the street, Stephanie, told me that would be the ‘last time’ and she was ‘fed up to the max,’" David continued.

"She acted like he was aggressive but it’s actually HER dog that is mean!! Junior has been gone ever since and he’s not at any shelter."

David concluded his unlikely tale by strongly implying that Stephanie is the one who murdered the dog.

"After leaving notes on my gate and texting me constantly for weeks she is now completely silent and will not return my messages," Eason said.

"Her silence is deafening."

David Eason Crying

For obvious reasons, commenters were quick to cast doubt on David’s story.

"Another one bites the dust on the land," one person wrote.

"David you killed the dog, probably," another added.

David Eason with Huge Beard

"A dog’s life don’t mean sh-t to this dunderhead," a third chimed in.

Others theorized that Stephanie rescued the dog so that it wouldn’t meet the same fate as Nugget.

"Saved him from soon joining Nugget. F–k you David. Neighbor deserves a reward for saving a life."

All of this follows on the heels of a series of posts from Jenelle indicating that she’s mired in a deep depression.

Yesterday’s update found Jenelle bawling her eyes out and begging her critics to be more kind.

Is she anticipating another wave of bad press in response to David’s latest act of animal cruelty?

Jenelle Won't Leave David

That’s certainly possible, but then again, Jenelle has remained with David knowing full well that he seems to enjoy slaughtering pets, so she’s clearly not too bothered by this sort of behavior.

Hell, this is a woman who testified that her kids are afraid of Eason, and even that’s not enough to convince her to dump this loser!

And yet, Jenelle keeps insisting that her career came to an end because people were upset about things she did in her past.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason Backstage

Don’t get us wrong, Evans’ past is filled with bigotry, violence, and abuse.

But she and David also give the world new reasons to dislike them on an almost-daily basis.