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When word first got out that Kanye West and Julia Fox are dating, some fans assumed that the rapper had entered the relationship with ulterior motives.

Just days earlier, Kanye was openly trying to win Kim Kardashian back, so it’s not hard to see why so many jumped to the conclusion that he was merely using Fox to make his ex jealous.

Kim’s been dating Pete Davidson for several months now, and it seemed that by being so public in his romance with Fox, West was trying to send the message that he too had moved on.

Unfortunately for Yeezy, it looks as though that scheme may have backfired.

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As we reported last week, Fox is a huge fan of the Kardashians.

Just last month, the actress spoke openly about her love for the family and their reality show during an episode of her podcast.

“I’m gonna miss Keeping Up,” Fox said, referring to the end of Keeping Up With the Kardashians 20-season run on the E! network.

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“I have been watching Keeping Up since it first came out in 2007 when, like, watching it was embarrassing. … I wanted them to be my family. You feel like you know them," she continued.

Labelling herself a “die-hard, OG” fan, Fox went on to reveal that she felt almost as though she were a member of the family:

“It’s like you are happy for them when something good happens to them," the actress told her co-host.

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Yes, Julia is a Kard die-hard — a fact that might go a long way toward explaining why Kim is unconcerned about the fact that Fox is dating her ex.

According to a new report from TMZ, Kim knows that Julia is a Kardashian fan, and she’s thrilled about it.

Apparently, she wants no bad blood and plenty of "positive vibes" going forward, and she believes that at as a Keeping Up viewer, Julia is unlikely to create any drama.

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Kim also feels that if Kanye’s relationship with Julia goes forward, the co-parenting relationship should be a relatively stable one.

Not only is Julia an admirer of Kim’s, but she recently became a mother herself, so she’s likely to understand the importance of providing Kim and Ye’s four kids with a stable environment.

As for how rapidly Kanye and Julia’s relationship is progressing — well, it’s hard to say.

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Fox gushed about her first two dates with West in an Interview magazine piece that was published last week.

Since then, both parties have remained tight-lipped, but we know that they’re still seeing each other, at least casually.

On Monday, the couple was spotted dining at LA hot-spot Craig’s with one of the few people on the planet who can make Kanye look emotionally stable by comparison — NFL has-been Antonio Brown.

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As far as we know, everyone kept their shirts on and remained seated throughout the meal.

We suppose it’s possible that Kanye is still just using Julia to make Kim jealous.

But now that we know how much she loves Kim, it seems equally possible that Julia is using Kanye to get closer to the Kards!