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Lala Kent is not holding back, y’all.

The Vanderpump Rules star has never been the shy, retiring type but ever since she ended her engagement to Randall Emmett, Lala has been letting loose like never before.

Perhaps if the two of them had parted ways amicably, Lala would be biting her tongue and keeping her criticisms to herself.

But since Emmett got caught cheating, all bets are off — and it might be a while before Rand can show his face in West Hollywood again.


One of the things we’ve learned about Emmett in the wake of his split from Lala is that dude is not nearly as rich as he claims to be.

And since being some super-wealthy mega-producer was pretty much his whole identity, that’s gotta be a pretty major blow to his ego.

The clues have been there all along — such as when 50 Cent accused Emmett of borrowing $1 million and never paying it back — but now, Lala is confirming that Rand is a certified broke-ass.

Randall Emmett and Ex

On the latest episode of her "Give Them Lala" podcast, Kent detailed the process by which she discovered that her engagement ring was a phony.

Emmett had told her that the rock cost him $150,000, but now that the engagement is off, she decided to have it assessed.

And it seems she had her suspicions long before she kicked Rand to the curb.

Lala and Randall

“[Emmett] was talking to my mom one day about how some rappers take s–tty diamonds and make them pretty,” Lala said on the episode, according to The Sun.

“I ask my jeweler, ‘What is this ring really worth?’ He tells me this diamond was most likely brown and that he would give me ‘in the teens’ for the piece.’"


So it wasn’t a full-blown cubic zirconia, but the ring is worth about a tenth of what Rand claimed.

Not the best news to receive when you’re a young, newly-single mom who was probably looking to sell the rock.

(We’re sure Lala does just fine financially, but amid rumors of Vanderpump Rules being canceled, she’s probably exploring her options.)

Lala Kent and Randall Emmett in 2021

But hey, maybe Rand was hustled himself, right?

Perhaps the guy shelled out 150k for a ring that was worth much, much less.

Well, it seems Lala explored that possibility, and she discovered that Emmett was 100 percent in on the grift.

Lala Kent and Randall

On the case like some sort of old-timey detective in an LA noir, Lala went to the jewelry store where Randall purchased the ring, and the owner confirmed that Emmett knew just what sort of deal he was making.

Randall “knew exactly what he was buying," Kent told her listeners.

“He knew the diamond he was getting."

Lala Kent and Randall Emmett Together

News of the bogus rock comes just one day after Lala basically told the whole world that Emmett is awful in bed.

While promoting a vibrator on her Instagram page, Lala ended this man’s whole (sexual) career without ever mentioning him by name.

“It’s the best sexy time I’ve had in five years and eight months” Lala said.  

Ouch. Being exposed for passing off a fugazi diamond to your fiancee is bad enough.

But getting called out as a dead fish in the sack is the sort of thing that Hollywood reputations never recover from!

Let this be a lesson to any man who might ever consider scorning Lala!