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His music career long over and done with, 50 Cent now devotes most of his waking hours to petty beefs with C- and D-list celebrities.

It’s hard to choose a "most random" from the rapper’s long list of unlikely enemies, but 50’s feud with Lala Kent of Vanderpump Rules fame certainly caught a lot of fans off-guard.

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Lala is engaged to Randall Emmett, a producer on 50’s Starz series Power.

Back in April, Mr. Cent publicly called Emmett out and insisted that he pay back a $1 million loan.

50 being 50, he screenshotted Randall’s blubbering apologies, which included claims that anxiety from the situation had landed him in the hospital, as well as a typo — "Fofty" — that has since become a nickname for the rapper.

Last week, Lala appeared on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live, and when a caller asked about her "relationship with Fofty" Kent –perhaps unintentionally — reignited the feud.

Lala Kent Strikes a Pose

At first, Lala attempted to brush off the question, saying, "I mean, I listened to ‘In Da Club’ on my birthday, so that was pretty lit."

But when Cohen followed up, she said:

"I think I really dinged Fofty’s ego. In fact, I know that, because I have a receipt to prove that, which I would never post, because I ain’t that girl."

Asked if she’s proud to have so thoroughly gotten 50’s goat, Lala applied in the affirmative:

"Yes! I’m from Utah! And to think it’s like, ‘Tupac and Biggie, Lala and Fifty.’ Like, what up, though?"

Lala Kent Smiles

Receipt or no receipt, it seems Fofty was not a fan of Lala’s remarks.

"What’s wrong with this hoe?" he captioned a screenshot from her WWHL appearance.

"Now don’t say she didn’t ask for it when I start tripping," he added, ominously.

And with that, Fofty was off to the races.

"Oh this bitch be drunk 4 days straight," he captioned a since-deleted photo of Lala.

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"She must just be on some drunk hoe, I don’t remember type s–t," the rapper added.

"Have a drink, hit da powda, have a drink, hit da powda, have a draink, hit da powda 4 days straight."

In addition to the oddly specific remark about Lala’s alleged bender, 50 shared a number of unflattering photos of Emmett.

"Then he falls in LOVE with the hoe, and they live drunk and high happily ever after," he captioned one.

He then screenshotted Lala’s latest Instagram Story and added a message for the reality star.

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"Shut up bitch, you started with the wrong person good night," he captioned the image.

Lala is sober after struggling with alcoholism for several years.

So it’s no surprise that she took issue with claims that she’s a cocaine user who recently embarked on a bender:

"I feel it’s important for me to say this, and I’m only going to address this once…" she wrote in a lengthy response to the allegations.

"My sobriety is something I’m proud of and work on [every day]. I’ve never done cocaine nor were any other substances, other than alcohol, involved in my decision to get sober.

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"I pride myself on being open and honest about everything in my life, hopefully inspiring others and letting them know they are not alone. The past couple of days I’ve been slammed to say the very least," she continued.

"People have asked me how I’m maintaining keeping my head up… To me it’s simple—I know Real Life from the illusion of social media. I know what it feels like to have your world crumble.

"Getting a phone call from your brother saying your dad has passed away…that is earth-shattering. Being called names and being falsely accused of things…that is far from earth-shattering."

Kent concluded by saying that while she’s strong enough to withstand 50’s onslaught, others might not be able to survive such an attack:

Curtis Jackson

"My mindset is something I’m grateful for—however I can’t help but think about how many people are taking their own lives, daily, due to cyberbullying," she wrote.

"It is imperative that I tell you, you are not by yourself. I see you. I stand by you. I’m on your team.

"You are loved and make a difference in this world."

It may not be Biggie vs. Tupac — but this feud is certainly serious business.