Vanderpump Rules: Canceled By Bravo Following Jax Taylor Scandal?

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Reality TV stars are often encouraged to engage in outrageous behavior, but there's a fine line between actions that are scandalously amusing from a distance, and those that are unacceptable under any circumstances.

And that's a lesson that the cast of Vanderpump Rules is learning the hard way these days.

VPR S8 3

Back in June, longtime cast members Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute were fired from the show after it was revealed that they had engaged in racially-motivated harassment of a Black co-star named Faith Stowers.

Newcomers Max Boyen and Brett Ciprioni were let go the same say after old, racist tweets of theirs were discovered.

Just as the dust began to settle from those scandals, the show was hit with yet another major casting shakeup.

Hug from Stassi

Earlier this week, controversial series original Jax Taylor was fired from Vanderpump Rules, along with his wife, Brittany Cartwright, whom he married on the show last year.

No specific reason was given for Jax and Brittany's dismissal, and the couple announced their departure in identical statements that they later claimed they were forced to post by their former bosses at the Bravo network.

Rumors that Vanderpump Rules would be canceled began to spread shortly after Stassi and Kristen were fired.

Brittany and Jax

Now, with the cast gutted and the show growing more toxic by the day, it's nearly impossible to imagine that any network would go near it.

Several sites are currently reporting that Bravo execs have decided to give Vanderpump the axe, but are waiting until after the holidays to make the announcement.

The rumor appears to have originated from a little-known site called Tamara Tattles.

Jax, Brittany, Scheana

It's gained an impressive amount of traction in a short period of time due to claims that the information comes from an employee of the show who has already been informed of their dismissal.

The problem is, Andy Cohen has already denied the reports, and network insiders claim there are plans to bring back the remaining Vanderpump cast, at least for a final farewell season.

"Listen, they've got Lala [Kent], James [Kennedy], Scheana [Shay], Tom [Sandoval], Tom [Schwartz], Katie [Maloney], Arianna [Madix], the new people," Cohen said on his radio show this week.

Lala Kent at Sundance

"I mean, that's a solid cast. When that show's going to start shooting again, I have no idea, but I'm excited. I'm excited for there to be a shift also."

The series is currently on indefinite hiatus due to lockdown measures in Los Angeles, but fans have been vocal in their hope that it will return at some point, if only to provide closure on certain storylines.

It's possible that the shift Cohen is referring to will take the show away from West Hollywood hot spot SUR and focus instead on Lisa Vanderpump's newest venture, TomTom, which she co-owns with Schwartz and Sandoval.

Brittany Cartwright and Jax in 2019

Whatever the case, at least we can all take comfort in reports that the perenially-problematic Jax Taylor is reportedly melting down in aftermath of his firing.

Sources say Jax is outraged and has been vowing to take vengeance on former bosses by launching a reality series of his own.

Good luck with that one, guy.

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