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Last week, Kim Kardashian filed paperwork to officially restore her legal status to single.

This move came months after Kim filed for divorce from Kanye West, and to many it indicated that Kim is desperate to not be married anymore.

Unfortunately, it seems that her estranged husband does not feel the same.

In a recent interview, Kanye indicated that he’s still hoping to win Kim back, which seems highly unlikely for a number of reasons.


For starters, Kim is dating Pete Davidson, and by all accounts, the relationship is getting quite serious.

Over the weekend, Pete introduced Kim to his mother and sister, and then the two of them joined Scott Disick and his new girlfriend for a double date.

Needless to say, that sounds like the sort of night you enjoy with a significant other, not a friend with benefits.

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Now, insiders have indicated that Kim’s affection for Pete was a major motivator in her decision to speed up the divorce process.

“Kim did not expect to be dating anyone for a long time, but the way it happened with Pete feels like divine intervention,” one source tells Hollywood Life.

Yes, yet another one A-list female celeb has fallen under the spell of Pete Davidson and his famed BDE.

Kim and Pete

So what has Kim so head over heels for the lanky SNL star?

Well, apparently — and not at all surprisingly — Kim’s conversations with Kanye frequently revolved around superficial matters, while she and Pete talk about substantive issues.

“They don’t talk about Hollywood, or celebrities, or their money, or their fame. Their conversations are real and authentic," the insider adds.

Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian

"They talk a lot about life and death, about spirituality, about current world affairs and about her work in criminal justice reform," the source says.

"Pete is fascinated by her intelligence and really digs the fact that she is set on becoming a lawyer.” 

Kim passed the baby bar exam earlier this month, so she’s one step closer to making her dream of courtroom heroism a reality.

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We’re sure Kim is proud of her recent professional accomplishments, but insiders say it’s her love for Pete that’s really putting a smile on her face these days.

“Her family and friends have not seen her so happy in such a long time," says the source.

"Kim has been so serious over the past few months because of everything that she was going through with Kanye, but Pete makes her laugh like she’s never laughed before," the tipster continues.

Pete, Kim, Flavor Flav, Kris

"Kim says she has fallen for Pete and no one doubts this. It is clear that he has fallen for her as well,” 

Pete’s sense of humor is certainly a major factor in his legendary popularity with the opposite sex.

Early in his career, Kanye had a reputation as one of the funniest rappers in the game, but he’s come across as much more dour in recent years.

Ye and Kim Kardashian
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Maybe this surly attitude is what drove Kim away.

Or, it could be the fact that Kanye became obsessed with Donald Trump.

Oh, or maybe it was that time that ‘Ye went on a rant and accused Kim of cheating on him in front of his 30 million followers.

Ye and Kim K

Perhaps the most likely explanation is that she just generally got tired of being married to an emotionally unhinged narcissist.

But to her credit, Kim has been doing everything in her power to ensure that this divorce goes as smoothly as possible.

She even thanked Kanye at the People’s Choice Awards earlier this month, and she’s been singing his praises at every opportunity.

Kim at the People's Choice Awards

But something tells us that won’t be enough to satisfy the famously erratic rapper.

Pete might want to start getting used to the idea of hearing his name mentioned in some unflattering diss track lyrics.