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In what many believe is a ploy to avoid testifying under oath, Jamie Spears filed to end Britney’s conservatorship.

Suspicious or not, it’s nonetheless good news for Britney.

She wants many things, including justice, but her biggest priority after her sons has to be personal freedom.

In light of that, Britney’s attorney has now asked the court to immediately remove Jamie in light of these developments.

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On Wednesday, Britney Spears’ attorney Mathew Rosengart asked the court to immediately remove Jamie as conservator.

This has been Britney’s goal for many years — as long as the conservatorship has kept her in this gilded cage.

And it is actually not the first time that she and her new, actually helpful attorney have asked this of the court.

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In August, Britney asked th court to remove her father as conservator.

At the time, the court said no — not forever, but that further evidence would be reviewed at hearings.

A lot has changed since then, however.

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It was not long after Britney’s request that Jamie filed papers indicating an alleged willingness to step down from the role.

Of course, he insisted that this would only mean "when the time is right."

After nearly 14 years of this, essentially no one was willing to take Jamie at his word on that or trust his judgment.

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But the following month (this month — early September), Jamie filed further documents with the court.

Claiming that he now realizes that the conservatorship no longer has a legal basis to exist, Jamie made a stunning announcement:

He asked the court to end Britney’s conservatorship entirely.

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Britney’s new filing, made through her attorney, acknowledges that the court is continuing to consider the total abolition of the conservatorship.

In the mean time, even as the court keeps this in mind, the judge is asked to remove Jamie from this role.

Jamie would then be temporarily replaced until the conservatorship itself is terminated, which Britney and her attorney hope will happen in the coming months.

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The documents express that long-overdue value of this move in light of the allegations of conservatorship abuse against Jamie.

In the filing, Britney pleads with the court to not allow her father to occupy this role for even another day.

There is a new and pressing issue for why Jamie needs to be totally disentangled from his daughter’s legal and financial affairs ASAP.

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Britney Spears is engaged to hunky boyfriend Sam Asghari after years of dating.

Like any sensible couple, Britney and Sam are drafting a prenuptial agreement.

This is a delicate process … one that Britney and Sam and legal counsel need to make without undue interference.

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Britney and her attorney argue that Jamie’s involvement in the prenup negotiations are a non-starter.

Specifically, he would "impedte the ability to negotiate and consummate a contract."

The goal is to craft an agreement that is in Britney’s best interests. Nobody wants Jamie involved.

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The documents notes that, in addition to Britney’s desire, her current conservator of her person, Jodi Montgomery, is onboard.

Additionally, Britney is seeking — as she mentioned in her historic testimony in June — to end the conservatorship without medical evaluation.

She has been failed by so many people, some of whom were medical professionals.

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Britney very understandably does not want to "prove" that she deserves human rights.

She would like for a termination plan for the conservatorship to begin immediately.

Her attorney cites that the court has already made multiple rulings indicating that Britney clearly possesses autonomy and can make decisions.