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There is a lot to be said about the way that Farrah Abraham uses social media.

Since her firing from Teen Mom, she has relied upon it and controversies to cling to relevance.

Farrah’s latest scandal is turning heads, as she boosts a dangerous QAnon conspiracy theorist’s call to "end abortion."

What makes this extra weird is that it’s also proving Farrah to be a huge hypocrite.

Farrah Abraham Offers
Photo via MTV

Farrah Abraham often ignores replies on Twitter, but often uses the platform for retweets … as in this ominous case.

"Happy Sunday, everyone! Today, let’s pray to END ABORTION in America!" the tweet read.

What the what?

That tweet of course is bad enough in terms of words — but made worse by the original author.

Marjorie Taylor Greene is one of the most infamous and disreputable members of Congress, and with good reason.

She has endorsed widespread violence against politicians, boosted white nationalist ideals, and has close ties to dangerous QAnon conspiracy theories.

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Aside from a lack of common sense and an abundance of malice, do Farrah and Marjorie have much in common?

Well, they are both grifters who are wildly disconnected from reality.

They are also both outspoken fans of disgraced former president Donald Trump.

Farrah Abraham for America

But while this kind of opposition to fundamental human rights is pretty standard for Marjorie, isn’t it a little weird for Farrah?

No one is saying that Farrah is a good person.

But, first of all, she often claims to be an advocate for women … which flies in the face of what she says (and does, and tweets).

Farrah Abraham Deep in Thought
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It was only a few years ago when Farrah implied she was off to get an abortion herself. Just pointing that out.

More significantly to the point, Farrah has been open about how she nearly didn’t have her daughter, Sophia.

Farrah spoke about this on Couples Therapy in 2014, back when "therapy" reality series were all the rage.

Farrah Abraham's New Nose

She was 16 and pregnant, and she said that it was mom Debra Danielsen who forced her to have a child.

"I tell my mom that I’m pregnant, and I tell her, ‘Here’s the form that I need you to sign, you know Plan B, you know, takes it away. Everything’s fine,’" Farrah recalled.

She described: “And my mom starts crying and then she’s like, ‘You know, we believe in God, and you’re not gonna kill a living thing.’”

Farrah Abraham on Ex on the Beach
Photo via MTV

It’s bad enough that Farrah had to get a permission form in her state.

It’s a horror that her mother stopped her.

As Farrah recalled that story, she was assured that it was reasonable for her to understand that she wasn’t ready for motherhood.

"My mom didn’t see it that way," she reflected.

Farrah Abraham Cries and Cries
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Farrah then affirmed on camera: “I know in the end it was the right choice to have my daughter."

Farrah described that as Plan B, but Plan B is taken after any form of unprotected sex – usually within 72 hours.

It’s not any kind of abortion because its purpose is to prevent conception.

Farrah Freaks
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Some details may have been lost in Farrah’s memory – her relationship with the truth has always been suspect.

In any case, Social media users recoiled in horror at Farrah’s retweet of MTG and of the view that she espoused.

"I think Farrah just likes to be damn controversial for the attention," one wrote.

Farrah Abraham Hears But Does Not Listen
Photo via CBS

Another added: "I am a lot of things about this however shocked isn’t one."

"Farrah’s brain is rotten so this doesn’t shock me," a Redditor wisely opined.

Another speculated: "Farrah holds whatever belief she believes will make her the bigger martyr, that’s literally it."

Farrah Abraham Gives an Interview
Photo via Us Weekly

That commenter continued: "Whatever ‘side’ is going to get her the most heat/attention, that’s the stance she has on that particular subject."

It might be giving her too much credit to say that Farrah has some sort of clear motive for saying and doing what she does.

Given the way that she writes, speaks, and behaves, it seems clear that Farrah is not adept at self-examination.

Photo via Instagram

That’s our very diplomatic way of saying that she just says and does stuff and even she can’t explain the reason.

Expecting any kind of logical consistency in Farrah would be folly. 

It’s not clear if she thinks enough about things or understands concepts enough to realize where her supposed views do not align.

Dead Eyes
Photo via MTV

For similar reasons, efforts to try to talk to her about these things, or even to explain why people are confused, fall flat.

Given Farrah’s falling out with Harvard, it sounds like a professor’s effort to gently address her writing may have resulted in Farrah entering a rage spiral.

Speaking of her misguided pursuit of Ivy League law schools, she has threatened to use any law degree to tackle abortion law.

Farrah Abraham Screen Capture

Farrah may intend to arm herself with a degree and then wage war against the fundamental rights of anyone with a working uterus. It’s grim stuff.

Fortunately, that will only happen in Farrah’s mind.

Law school is not easy.

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You need to be able to understand and write complex, coherent sentences.

It’s not mean to say that she cannot; it’s simply factual.

The bigger risk is that Farrah might at some point run for public office. There, her malice and lack of common sense would be a political asset, not a hindrance.