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Never one to spare her fans, Farrah Abraham recently menaced fans with her brand new booty

Apparently, her tween daughter is no stranger to her mother’s cosmetic work.

In a recent word salad comment, Sophia’s account blasted Farrah’s haters and called her new butt "body goals."

The only source of comfort for fans is the belief that Farrah probably wrote the praise herself.

Farrah Abraham and Sophia Abraham Match, Play Golf

Farrah Abraham receives a lot of criticism on social media.

Some of it is because she’s famous. Some of it is because she’s a woman.

Most of the critiques of her actions, words, and behavior stem from the fact that she deserves it.

Farrah’s rants, whether spoken or written, are often alarmingly nonsensical.

Her apparent struggles to form coherent sentences, particularly when agitated, are not immoral.

The things that she says — from paranoid conspiracy theories to wild accusations to straight-up racism — absolutely are.

Farrah Abraham Farrahsplains to Followers
Photo via Instagram

On some level, Farrah might be aware that this deluge of criticism helps to keep her relevant-ish.

Or maybe not.

Often, she claps back on her own, in her very special "Farrah dialect." This time … another allegedly came to her defense.

Sophia Abraham’s Instagram account commented in defense of her mother.

"I have the best woman as a Mom," the comment began.

Sophia described Farrah as someone "who is everything and more."

"And," Sophia’s comment gushed, "I totally think my mom’s body is goals."

"Health and happiness is #1 for moms who work so hard," she wrote oddly.

"For all who act like you can speak for me," Sophia allegedly wrote, "go get mental help."

Photo via Instagram

"You’re not her child but you wish you were," Sophia’s comment bizarrely accused.

"Sorry you’re damaged by your parents but I’m not," the comment added.

Sophia’s comment concluded: "SAVE THIS IN YOUR PHONE SO YOU DON’T FORGET."

Farrah Abraham Speaks
Photo via Instagram

Farrah replied to the deeply weird comment.

"You best daughter ever," she wrote.

Is Farrah talking to herself here?

Farrah and Sophia Celebrate Christmas
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That is what a lot of fans are thinking after looking at the comment, based upon two major clues.

The first is that it praises Farrah while attacking her haters, just as Farrah would.

The second clue is that the sentences are bizarre, jumping from thought to thought, and following Farrah’s unhinged speech patterns.

Photo via Instagram

So yes, people think that Farrah used Sophia’s account to praise and defend herself, and then thanked "Sophia" as herself.

That is not the behavior of a well-balanced mind.

In other words, it fits perfectly with Farrah’s patterns, and seems like something that she would find reasonable.

Farrah Abraham Rap Photo

Fans (well "fans") have long suspected that Farrah runs Sophia’s public account.

Frankly, it’s a relief, given how creepy grown men try to slide into Sophia’s DMs.

It’s also yet another example of Farrah using her daughter as a prop to promote her brand.

Farrah Abraham with Blonde Hair

Like we said, people are pretty sure that Sophia didn’t write the comment.

But part of that is hope.

It would be much worse if Sophia did really write that.

Farrah and Sophia In Alaska
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First, it would mean that Sophia’s a sycophant, her mind totally absorbed in Farrah’s warped narrative.

While that wouldn’t be impossible, it would be gross.

Children aren’t mini-me clones, and they should be exposed to other people and be allowed to form their own ideas.

Farrah Abraham on Video in April 2021

Second, it would mean that Sophia has absolutely no idea how to write or string together her thoughts.

This could also be possible, given that Farrah has homeschooled her for years.

That said … a total inability to form sentences has to be cognitive, not just educational, right? That’s what people assume.

Photo via Instagram

We sincerely hope that Sophia did not write the comment.

If and when Sophia learns about this, how will she feel about Farrah sullying her daughter’s name to defend her own?

Sophia may end up having a lot to say when she gets older — and can actually speak for herself.