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Farrah Abraham is accusing Harvard University of "abusing" her in her latest bizarre, one-sided feud.

In typical Farrah fashion, she has even threatened legal action against the university.

At the same time, Farrah has set her sights on the future.

Specifically? She’s contemplating "revenge" against her former school and threatening to attend Yale.

Farrah Abraham in Graduation Gown

According to Farrah Abraham, there are recruiters from other law schools actively trying to recruit her.

While she isn’t ready to settle on an answer just yet, Yale has her eye.

Because Farrah has a Bachelor’s degree from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, she is eligible to apply.

Photo via Instagram

Speaking to TMZ, Farrah confirmed that she has been able to secure her transcripts from her time taking online classes at Harvard.

Calling it an "exciting time," the reality TV villain claimed that Yale "has reached out."

"I’m just so pumped," Farrah said, "because I have all of these choices for Law School."

Photo via Instagram

"I don’t know if I’m gonna stay here on the West Coast or go to the East Coast," Farrah acknowledged.

She insists that the "Harvard debacle" has given her the impression that "the West Coast is more divorce."

We’re not sure what we means by that or how that alleged diversity would impact her, a white woman, but Harvard is notoriously white.

Farrah Abraham Throwback

Farrah also makes the outlandish claim that the West Coast has "better weather."

According to a study conducted by me and all of my various visits to Southern California during my life, I’m unclear on where she’s getting that.

If you like excessive and relentless sunlight in a desert, just say so.

Farrah Abraham Speaks
Photo via Instagram

At first, Farrah appeared almost bewildered when TMZ asked what kind of law she intends to pursue.

Often, people have specific dreams — corporate law, environmental law, defense, prosecution, a political career, etc.

Keep in mind that Farrah has threatened to run for office in the past.

Farrah Abraham for America

"Man, do I love criminals, or criminals love me," Farrah quipped awkwardly in response.

"I think I’m more interested in entertainment law," she replied. "IP law. I’m really good with that stuff."

Farrah also mentioned "abortion laws" and "civil lawsuits" among other possibilities.

Farrah Abraham in Pigtails

When speaking of her future law career, Farrah shared: "I like to join. I might even do stuff with the city on their law team."

She claims that others, including her former Teen Mom castmates, keep asking if she would "represent them."


Farrah had previously spoken with fans about the idea of auctioning off the Harvard sweater that she burned.

Some had suggested that she do a charity auction for those who wanted a piece of memorabilia.

For now, she is holding onto the physical embodiment of her maturity level and ability to accept criticism.

Photo via Instagram

Honestly, in part because of Farrah’s struggles to speak or write in coherent sentences, the exact details of her beef with Harvard remain unclear.

It looks like a professor attempted to very gently suggest that she drop a course after receiving her work.

Farrah has since accused this professor of lying about her work and had some sort of conflict with the university over money spent on the course.

Farrah Abraham with Blonde Hair

Harvard itself cannot explain, due to very sensible student privacy laws.

However, it sounds like Farrah’s claim that she was "kicked out" of class without explanation or reason is … typical Farrahspeak.

Having read her writing on Instagram and listened to her videos for years, one can only imagine what her classwork might look like.

Farrah Abraham on Video in April 2021

But Farrah’s obvious difficulties with communication pale beside her actual negative qualities.

It seems likely that she blew up at a professor who suggested that she was not a good fit for the coursework.

We might suggest that Farrah enroll in remedial writing classes before she takes another stab at law school — on either coast.