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Until that day, far in the future, when Farrah Abraham finally lets Sophia go to school, she’s her daughter’s whole world.

We’re sure that Sophia has a carefully curated group of friends, but Farrah is clearly her number one influence.

Unfortunately, Farrah is the last person who should be influencing any children.

Sophia’s latest look is sporting vibrant red hair and a crop top. Is that a bit much for 12?

Sophia Abraham iwith red velvet hair

Farrah Abraham shared a recent glimpse of her tween daughter.

Sophia can be seen with her hair a dazzling red velvet.

She is also wearing a stylish dark ensemble that includes a midriff that shows a bit of tummy.

No one hates Sophia or begrudges a 12-year-old girl for enjoying trying out new looks.

But fans and critics alike are unsure of Farrah’s parenting choices and worry that she’s doing more than just "letting" Sophia play dress-up.

Is Farrah actively pushing Sophia to transform into a Mini-Me?

Farrah and Sophia on a Yacht

"I can’t help but think Farrah is encouraging her to act/dress much older than she is," a redditor wrote.

"She is 12 years old," that same commenter added.

Different people have different ideas about what is age-appropriate, but we all know that Farrah has some unorthodox views of … everything.

Photo via Instagram

"Sophia is such a beautiful young lady," wrote another concerned social media user.

The redditor expressed: "I hope she gets far away from the toxicity that is Farrah and her family."

It’s true that Farrah did not hatch from an egg. In at least some ways, she was made this way by family.

Farrah Brings Sophia Along

"Well, I was the same when I was 12," another redditor offered as a nuanced take.

"But," that user added, "my dad would never let me the leave the house with showing skin lol."

While the wisdom of policing your children’s clothing to that extent is debatable, we understand that person’s perspective.

Farrah and Sophia Celebrate Christmas
Photo via Instagram

First of all, we all know that some percentage of adult men in this world are, well, sexual predators.

While that number is much smaller than the proportion of women who are harassed and assaulted during the course of their lives, it’s still no joke.

With enough creepy men (and creepy older teenagers who are budding predators), people worry about how tweens and young teens dress.

Farrah Abraham and Sophia Abraham Match, Play Golf

It is, however, so important to emphasize that how a woman dresses or styles herself is not responsible for whether she is targeted.

Remember, girls are targeted by sexual predators in religious communes, in fundamentalist cults.

It is never about how they are dressed or how they act. Sexual predation is always, always because of the predator.

Farrah Abraham Daughter and Dog
Photo via Instagram

The second big issue, however, is simply concern over Farrah’s qualifications as a parent.

There are no tests or (required) classes to become a parent if you have functioning reproductive organs.

Farrah, who has exhibited numerous behavioral problems for over a decade, became pregnant and had Sophia as a high school student.

Photo via Instagram

Farrah’s ideas about appropriate attire, age-appropriate behavior, and childhood milestones are likely very skewed by her own life.

While we are more concerned about Farrah’s racist rantings and conspiracy theories and her insistence upon homeschooling Sophia, this could also be an issue.

Hopefully, she does not expect Sophia to become pregnant as a teenager, and will make responsible parenting choices … however unlikely that may seem.

Farrah and Sophia in Venice
Photo via Getty

It is always possible that Sophia picked this hair and this outfit and is just, as we said, playing dress-up.

12 is a fantastic age to experiment with different looks and settle on which look you prefer.

There is nothing inappropriate about Sophia’s attire … when she’s hanging out at home where she is presumably safe.

Farrah and Sophia In Alaska
Photo via Instagram

The other side to this is that, deservedly or not, Farrah is famous and has a fairly substantial social media platform.

That means that anything that she or Sophia does is amplified to many people.

Sometimes, things that are entirely appropriate to do are not appropriate or safe to broadcast on social media. Especially when kids are involved.