Jinger Duggar Thanks God for Pizza, Leaves Fans Confused AF

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There are two things life that almost everyone -- regardless of age, race or gender -- can agree are good:

1. Pizza.

2. God.

It's rare, however, to see these two seemingly verry different items/concepts combined into one social media post, which explains why Jinger Duggar's most recent message has left followers in a state of confusion.

jinger pizza post

As you can see above, Jinger has shared a photo of her husband, Jeremy.

He's just chilling on a grass field, wearing a Los Angeles Dodgers baseball cap and enjoying a slice of pizza.

Jinger, who we presume snapped the photo, also appears to be taking a slice for herself... while three more (admittedly delicious-looking) pieces remain in the box.

"God is so kind," wrote Jinger as a caption.

Go Phillies!

Because He created Jeremy, Jinger's soulmate the father of her children?


But Jinger has shared plenty of pictures of her husband in the past and only ever used this same phrase back when the couple's second child was born.

To wit:

jinger god post

That sort of seems like a more practical and relevant time to praise God for His quality work, you know?

Many observers have been analyzing Jinger's pizza post and can only conclude that she's giving The Big Guy Upstairs props for His role in creating such scrumptious meal.

“When did God open a pizza joint?" one person remarked in confusion to the post, while another added:

"What does a pizza have to do with God??????? So weird!!"

Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo on a Date

Jinger, meanwhile, made headlines of a different kind late last month.

The veteran reality star took the unexpected step of dyeing her hair, flaunting blonde locks for all to see and gawk over on Instagram.

"Sometimes you just need to change the hair up a bit," Duggar wrote as a caption before-and-after photos of her hair at the time.

While seemingly not a really big deal, quite a few folks out there took this makeover as a sign that Jinger was trying to cut ties with her infamous family and start fresh.

Jinger Duggar, New Hair

Could anyone really blame her after brother Josh Duggar got arrested on child pornography possession charges in April?

"Nothing can prepare someone to receive news like that," Jeremy said about Josh was taken into custody.

"Like everyone else, we are absolutely horrified and want to see justice carried out."

Same here, man. Same here.

Josh Duggar Mug Shot

Josh was taken into custody on April 28 for allegedly downloading child pornography on three separate days in 2019.

Shortly thereafter, Homeland Security Investigations Special Agent Gerald Faulkner spoke out during a May 5 hearing.

Faulkner stated that one of the files downloaded depicted children... who were 18 months to 12 years old... being sexually abused.

He labeled at least one of the videos allegedly discovered on Duggar's computer to be among the top five worst things he's ever seen on the job.

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