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So many parents are agonizing over whether their young children risk exposure to a lethal virus as they return to school.

But Farrah Abraham’s decision to pull Sophia out of school many years ago had nothing to do with any pandemic.

She has kept her daughter by her side so that mother and daughter can travel together for Farrah’s "career."

Farrah Brings Sophia Along

Now, Farrah is finally talking about letting Sophia have vital socialization and educational opportunities … some time in the future.

Farrah Abraham recently shared her incoherent thoughts on the Just The Sip podcast (yes, that is an actual thing).

If given the power to alter the past, what would she do differently?

Farrah Abraham and Sophia Abraham Match, Play Golf

If you expected Farrah to say be less racist or be a better mom, you know her history but not how she views herself.

“I think I would get rid of all Teen Mom, with people asking me, ‘Do you have regrets?’" Farrah stated.

"That’s what it would be," she said, "because I think I learned so much in my therapy and all of the stuff that I continue to do."

Farrah rambled: “Like, stop looking at your life negatively."

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"Stop saying like, ‘That’s bad,’" Farrah said of her new view on life.

"Like, if I didn’t go through it," she said, "I wouldn’t stop and that’s what I see.”

We’re not entirely sure what that is supposed to mean, but we can kind of guess.

Farrah Abraham Teaches Sophia Abraham to Be a Bully
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In her mind, she has lived an enviable life.

“I see some of my friends from maybe in their fifties, and they want to do stuff that I was doing in my twenties,” Farrah said.

Hey, you’re never too old to get fired by MTV, get arrested, or do porn. Live your truths, unnamed middle-aged friends of Farrah.

Farrah and Sophia Skincare Routine
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“ … Everyone should write a book, especially through their twenties," Farrah insisted during the interview.

She explained that she feels this way "’cause we’re so judged through our twenties."

“And we care … but not in our thirties," Farrah continued. (Okay, I hate to admit it, but I feel that)

Farrah and Sophia on a Yacht

Farrah immediately pivoted away from talking sense and gushed about how fortunate Sophia is to be her daughter.

Oh no.

She thinks that other "celebrity moms" like her "should learn now" how to parent more like Farrah does.

Debra Danielsen and Sophia Abraham
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“Sophia’s got an awesome mom," Farrah announced, unfortunately referring to herself.

"And," she declared, "I’m ready for her crazy years."

Farrah’s "crazy years" obviously never stopped, but she should realize that not everyone actually has those.

Farrah Abraham and Sophia Abraham, Scooter Giveaway
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Infamously, Farrah ended Sophia’s time in public school and what might have been her best chance at normal socialization when she was 8.

At the time, the mother-of-one hoped that Sophia could travel with her more and accompany her to more events.

She has been "homeschooling" Sophia ever since, a controversial practice that is especially worrisome when Farrah does it.

Sophia in a Tub
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However, Sophia might have another shot at meeting regular human beings and developing social skills.

“Get this … Sophia was just like, ‘So mom, I can’t keep homeschooling,’" Farrah revealed.

Sophia explained that this is "’because freshman year of high school is a very big year.’"

Rocking a Red Carpet
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"And I was like, ‘Sophia, I was already planning on you going back to public school for freshman year if it’s so important,’” Farrah described.

“But those are kind of the things that we do talk about," she added.

“Like, we don’t want to sacrifice some of these beautiful moments … like prom,” Farrah noted.

Failing Fast
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“ … I don’t want to hold any child back from those experiences," said Farrah, who has held Sophia back from many irreplaceable experiences.

"But I was happy when COVID happened," she bizarrely added.

"And," Farrah continued, "it was like a chastity belt for people at prom.”

Before we unpack that, Farrah said more.

She said that she doesn’t know that Sophia won’t repeat some of Farrah’s choices.

However, she is "there to support Sophia and get her through."

Sophia Abraham With a Pregnancy Test

We do have to unpack what she said, though.

First, because she is "happy" that a deadly viral pandemic that has killed 4.34 million worldwide — a toll that continues to rise — stopped teens from boning.

Second, that Farrah is so preoccupied with teen sex.

Farrah, Sophia Abraham Pic
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For the first, we get it, because Farrah doesn’t think about what she says and she’s also not a good person.

However, Farrah doesn’t seem to realize how atypical her experience was.

Not all teens have sex in high school. Those who do often use birth control, if the kinds of sex that they’re having can even lead to pregnancy.

Farrah and Sophia Abraham Selfie
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We can understand why suddenly becoming a mother when you are still a child yourself can skew your perspective.

But Farrah obviously has a view of the world and of adolescence that is as warped as her grasp of the English language.

However, she does get, like, half-credit for possibly letting Sophia one day exercise her human right to go to school and be a person.