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Jenelle Evans has always tried to live her life as an open book.

Well, kind of — she does lie quite a bit.

Jenelle Evans Video Still

But she tries, you know?

She spent all those years on reality television, obviously, and after she was fired she started posting more regularly on her YouTube channel.

Like, she’s made a series of videos about temporarily losing custody of her children after her husband brutally killed her puppy, and another about leaving her husband after she got the kids back.

She really is interested in sharing her life with the world.

Jenelle Evans in Weird Hat

As part of that, Jenelle has been talking about some deeply personal things on TikTok.

Most recently, she’s been discussing her mental health.

Over the weekend, she posted a few videos about this, and in one, she described some anxiety dreams she’s been having.

And you won’t believe, out of all the things that have happened in her life, what she believes is the root of that anxiety.

Jenelle Selfie Alert

She started out by saying that she “woke up pretty stressed out” because “the past two days I’ve been having a really hard time with my dreams.”

“I had two dreams, specifically, back to back,” she explained. “And it just brought back bad memories where I was at.”

Is she talking about her childhood with her abusive father that abandoned her?

Or about when she was impregnated at 16 by her much older boyfriend who dipped out pretty much immediately after she gave birth?

Maybe it could be about her terrifying heroin addiction, or one of the many abusive relationships she’s been in?


Jenelle said her dreams were about Teen Mom.


Teen Mom 2 Cast Members Pic

“Specifically, at the reunion shows that I used to have to attend,” she elaborated, “and everyone was like fighting in my dreams.”

“And it brought back the feelings of anxiety, and it’s happened two nights in a row.”

“Don’t know why,” she continued. “Haven’t been watching the show. But yeah, mental health awareness.”

Isn’t this just so deeply bizarre?

Jenelle Evans Smirks

Different things affect people in different ways, of course, but Jenelle has undoubtedly been through some extremely dark experiences.

A whole lot of them, even.

One of her exes allegedly beat her and tried to strangle her with a bed sheet and her brother burned the family’s house down when she was a kid, and so many other things have happened that those things are rarely talked about …

Jenelle on Teen Mom, Too

And Teen Mom 2 reunion shows are what’s got her traumatized?!

Yep, traumatized — someone commented on her video “I’m so sorry! That’s on PTSD from Teen Mom.”

Jenelle responded “Yeah unfortunately. I wish it would stop. I really have unfollowed everything to have to do with that show. I don’t even say the name anymore.”

Again, we wouldn’t be shocked in the least if she really does have PTSD.

Jenelle on MTV's Teen Mom 2 Photo

But because of Teen Mom reunion shows?

Yeah, not so sure about that.

Thankfully, she may have a safe space to talk about this more with everyone soon, because our girl is starting a podcast!

No, another one!

Jenelle Evans YouTube Image

You may remember some podcast drama from a few weeks ago — she joined a podcast called Girl Sh-t, was fired before it started and uninvited from the launch party after her costars found out about the infamous Nugget incident, then showed up to the party and then made it awkward for everyone.

And even when it was painfully clear what had happened, she dug her heels in, claiming that she couldn’t be fired because she was the producer.

She eventually admitted that she had been fired, but she complained that it was “sh-tty of a person to try to hold something against someone that happened years ago.”

Yes, David killed Nugget in 2019 and she’s still with him, but sure.

This time around, she’s launching The Jenelle Evans Podcast, and so far we only know the name of the podcast, its logo, and that it’s “launching very soon.”

Sure thing, girl.