Jenelle Evans: Everyone Hates Me, and It Sucks!

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Jenelle Evans is no longer a reality star.

But that doesn't mean the mother of three isn't capable of keeping it real.

In a new TikTok video, Jenelle does exactly this, too, revealing a vulnerable side that the public rarely sees.

Jenelle on Her TikTok

"I think I have a very bad problem with thinking everyone hates me, and um yeah I need to stop it," Evans says in this footage, referring to her violent and racist husband and adding:

"David will always be telling me, you're thinking to much into it, people like you, don't think everyone hates you.

"And then when it comes to people not texting me back, I'm like they hate me.

"They hate me because of haters attacking them."

Jenelle Evans TikToks

Okay, so look. Here's the thing:

Not EVERYone hates Jenelle Evans.

Most people do because she seems to be a very bad parent and she continues to stay with a husband who hates gay people and murders his own family's cute dog and who almost definitely broke his wife's collarbone a couple years ago.

She hasn't given folks a lot to like, you know?

Jenelle Evans Tries to Seduce

Most observers likely just feel sorry for Jenelle, however.

She's been the victim of domestic abuse. She has a poor relationship with her mother. Not play amateur psychologists here, but she likely doesn't really understand what it means to be loved and probably thinks she doesn't deserve anyone better than David Eason.

It's sad, really.

That's what this all is.

Jenelle Snapshot

Back to her own insecurities, though:

"They don't want to talk to me anymore this sucks, and then they text me back, and then I feel dumb," she laughed, admitting that she has doubts about her own friends on a frequent basis.

But then they prove her wrong.

And she realizes that perhaps this is all just a self-confidence issue.

Jenelle Evans Wears a Bikini on TikTok

As a result, she concluded this TikTok post with an attempt to uplift others who might feel this same way on occasion.

"So yeah, not everyone hates you, and you are loved, and don't think that your worth isn't anything cause I thought that for the longest time," she said.

"I think it's important to give yourself positive self-talk."

She's right, although Jenelle Evans might not be the best person to pass along this message.

Jenelle Evans in Weird Hat

Evans has often received public backlash, as she and her truly heinous husband are regularly at the center of negative attention from social media trolls.

Heck, the former Teen Mom cast member was even recently slammed by a troll for having "no rhythm" during a new TikTok dance video.

The video depicted Evans shaking her booty to the track Yahhh! by rapper Soulja Boy, and this person wrote the following in response:

"If no rhythm was a person."

Jenelle Selfie Alert

In an unexpected move, Jenelle's ex-boyfriend, Kieffer Delp, stepped in to defend his former fling... in his own very warped way.

The 30-year-old, who was released from prison last month, clapped back in the comments as follows:

"All you n****s need to stop hating on mah bitch. She up there doing her thug thizzle."

So there Jenelle has it, we guess. Like we said above:

Not EVERYone hates her.

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