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So hey, just for a fun little change of pace, why don’t we try to say some nice things about Jenelle Evans? Show her a little love for once.

For example, she’s really pretty, isn’t she?

Jenelle Evans Gaze
Photo via MTV

She’s managed to keep the two children she has custody of alive and healthy for their entire lives.

Oh, and here’s a big one: she used to do heroin a lot, but now she doesn’t, and that’s pretty impressive.

See, isn’t positivity fun?

And seriously, she really does deserve respect for how far she’s come from where she used to be.

In her book, Read Between the Lines: From the Diary of a Teenage Mom, she revealed that there was a period in time not too long ago when all she did was smoke weed and do heroin.

This was, of course, during the infamous Kieffer years.

One time, she said that she passed out and woke up later lying on the floor, and "I had no idea how long I was out or what I did during that time."

Jenelle Evans on Drugs
Photo via MTV

"It was scary, not knowing."

Yeah, we imagine.

And in a new interview with Us Weekly, Jenelle is opening up even more about those dark times.

To start, she recounts that scary heroin incident one more time, saying "I basically blacked out and woke up not remembering anything."

"I was appalled — I couldn’t believe that happened. I really was so close to dying."

After that, she called her mother, the long-suffering Barbara Evans, and asked her to come pick her up, which she did.

Jenelle Evans' Car Selfie
Photo via Instagram

"I quit cold turkey," Jenelle claims. "I just went to my mom’s house and rode it out. I started to go through withdrawals for the first time."

"I didn’t know it would be like the worst flu I’ve ever had for seven days. First, you have insomnia, then you can’t eat, then you have panic attacks, then hot and cold sweats for a week, uncontrollable shaking and your joints hurt."

"You can die from trying to withdraw on your own," she adds. "I luckily did it safely."

"But I said to myself, ‘I’m done. I can’t ever go through this again.’"

And that, kids, is just a short list of reasons why you should never, ever do heroin.

It’s also a little confusing, because she did heroin when she was with Courtland Rogers too, right? And she was with Courtland after she was with Kieffer, and she moved on to Nathan Griffith pretty fast after dumping Courtland.

Your Jenelle Evans Selfie
Photo via Instagram

But we all know by now that Jenelle is a fan of rewriting history, so it’s hard to tell what the truth is here — let’s just let her have this one.

Admirably, Jenelle also says that she wants to "bring attention to how severe the heroin epidemic is. It’s horrible. It is like a disease and needs to be treated like it."

She adds that she was originally "I was afraid to speak out and tell people that I was on drugs. People were accusing me of it, but I just thought, ‘Oh, they don’t know me. I have it figured out.’"

"I was in denial."

Thankfully she stopped with denial, at least about the drugs, and she’s obviously doing much better now.

But how about her relationship with poor Babs?

Jenelle, Ashleigh and Barbara Evans
Photo via Twitter

"I told her, ‘If you want to be in my life, you can give me back my son and we can start from there,’" she says.

"I can’t stand that a mother would do this to her daughter. I lost all respect for her."

Where’s the eye-roll emoji when you need it, right?

About all the rumors about Jenelle being pregnant with her fourth child, she says that she’s actually "planning to get my tubes tied as soon as I get the time."

She’s "75% sure" she’s going to get that done, "but I don’t want any more kids. The shop is closed for business!"

Finally, when asked how her life has changed since she began filming Teen Mom 2, she says that back then, "I watched myself really running with a bad crowd."

"Now I’m settled in my house, I don’t go out partying. I’m not a bad kid anymore."

And thank goodness for that.