Jenelle Evans: I'm Totally Single ... And Maybe Coming Back to Teen Mom 2!

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It feels like forever since we've really heard from Jenelle Evans, doesn't it?

Sure, she hops on Twitter now and then, and every once in a while she'll get on Instagram.

But now that she's not on Teen Mom 2, and especially after her dramatic move to Nashville, we really haven't been able to hear from her directly in any significant way.

Until now!

Jenelle has uploaded a YouTube video in which she answers questions asked by her Instagram followers ... and it really looks like she doesn't hold anything back. 

1. She's Back!

She's Back!
There's a lot to cover here, so let's not take up a lot of time with the recap, OK?

2. Our Girl

Our Girl
We'll just remind you that Jenelle left David Eason in October, moved to Nashville, dated some guy named Herb for a hot minute, and is now rumored to be back with David.

3. Hmmm

She's been trying to make it look like she's gotten her whole life together since she left David -- that she's getting along better with Nathan Griffith and her mother so they can raise the kids together, and that she's really just a new woman.

4. The Truth?

The Truth?
Is that what's been happening? Has she been lying about everything? Let's take a look at what she has to say!

5. Here We Go

Here's the video, but if you don't have 25 minutes to sit and watch her run her mouth, we'll go ahead and hit the hightlights for you.

6. First Things First

First Things First
She starts off pretty general by answering a question about how she's been doing lately -- she says she's been "chilling, laying low lately, taking care of the kids. Just being a mom, that's about it."

7. Ensley Time!

Ensley Time!
She says that a lot of her day is spent keeping up with Ensley, who hasn't been going to daycare since the Nashville move -- Ensley actually pops up at this point in the video to ask for some juice.

8. Thank Goodness

Thank Goodness
She then gets a little more personal by admitting that she's been going to therapy since the beginning of November, and although she isn't able to have appointments very often because she does have Ensley full-time, she does video chats and is able to text her therapist as often as she needs.

9. Really?

The next question she answers is about a potential return to Teen Mom 2. Her answer?

10. Boo!

"I don't know," she says. "Honestly, I have no idea, so sorry."

11. A Reunion?!

A Reunion?!
Next up, a question about Nathan -- someone just asked her directly if she's back with him, and she quicly answers "No, definitely not. We've been co-parenting lately, and we were getting along, but now we're not because I guess we're just not on the same level."

12. OK Jenelle

OK Jenelle
"He wants ..." she trails off, then says "He likes me a lot, and I don't like him like that anymore, so I'm trying to keep things civil and just co-parenting, that's it."

13. Ugh, David

Ugh, David
The next question was the same, just about David, and her answer was the same, too. She said that she's not with David romantically, they're just co-parenting and "trying to stay out of court, trying to keep things civil."

14. No Strings

No Strings
"I'm single now," she continues, "I need to venture out, I need to think about my future and my kids and what I'm gonna do in life, and I don't need any distractions at all, and I noticed that guys can be a big distraction."

15. So Many Questions

So Many Questions
She explains that she moved to Nashville because there are more business opportunities there for her, and that David does live in their old home. Her mom still lives in her home in North Carolina too, and she has no plans to move to Nashville, despite some rumors that have been swirling around.

16. Interesting

She wants to keep doing videos for her YouTube channel so she can keep her fans updated, and she's also considering the possibility of starting a podcast. And if she has to get a normal job in the future, she'd be open to working as a medical assistant.

17. Seriously?

She mentioned that there's a possibility she's in talks to do her very own show, but she won't give any details, so there's a solid chance she could just be trying to pump herself up, which is understandable, right?

18. A Bad Childhood

A Bad Childhood
She also touches on what life was like for baby Jenelle, telling her viewers that "There was just a lot of yelling in my childhood, a lot of arguing, a lot of hitting each other, and I just wish my household was calmer growing up because I'm trying to do that with my kids as well."


Speaking of childhood, the next question was about the possibility of her having more kids -- she says that her tubes are tied, but maybe in "three or four years" she might change her mind. So ... that's something.

20. Called Out

Called Out
There were a bunch of boring questions about her hair and stuff in the middle, but it gets good again when someone asks about that picture of her hanging out with David last week -- you remember.

21. Riiiight

According to her, she was out with her photographer, taking some pictures downtown, and David asked if he could see Ensley while he was in town for a court date. He spent time with her while Jenelle took some photos, they had lunch, and that's all that happened. Do you believe her?

22. Clearing Things Up

Clearing Things Up
She maintains that she really is done with David, and for all the people wondering about the divorce she reminds us all that she has to be separated him for several months before she can even file, so there's that.

23. Ouch, Herb

Ouch, Herb
And just in case you were wondering about what happened to good ol' Herb Wilkinson, it's time to let it go -- as she put it, "That Boston thing was nothing."

24. Lies?

Going back to David real quick, someone asked her why she was wearing her engagement ring recently, and she said that she doesn't wear it, but she found it in her car and put it on so it wouldn't get lost, and then she got distracted and left it on and in that time she took a selfie. Sure, Jenelle.

25. What a Ride

What a Ride
And there we have it -- a solid update on our favorite former Teen Mom.

26. The Real Question

The Real Question
How much of all of that do you think was truthful?

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