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We probably don’t need to tell you that Meghan Markle has spent a lot of time dealing with awful families.

There’s the Royal Family, of course, who turned her fairy tale scenario into a nightmare with their constant meddling and disapproval.

And then there’s Meghan’s birth family, who make the Royals look downright functional by comparison.

Meghan Speaks

Earlier this week, we brought you up to speed with Meghan’s wicked half-sister and her never-ending campaign to cash in by publicly trashing the Duchess.

The latest on Samantha Markle is that she’s publishing a memoir with the goal of humiliating "Princess Pushy" (yes, that’s really the nickname she uses for Meghan) on the global stage.

Thankfully, it seems there’s not much interest in her 300-page tabloid article. Shocking, we know.

Samantha Markle
Photo via Good Morning Britain

Not to be outdone, Meghan’s repugnant father is also making headlines this week for his vicious treatment of Meghan.

As you may recall, Thomas Markle sold private letters from Meghan to the Daily Mail, and now, the Duchess is suing the tabloid for publishing her private correspondence.

According to a new report from Newsweek, Meghan’s lawyers have requested a "summary judgment" (a victory without the need for a trial) from the judge.

Thomas Markle, Meghan Markle Split

Their reasoning is that the evidence against the Mail is so devastating that no reasonable person could side with the tabloid.

To back their claim, the lawyers point to a letter in which Meghan begged her father to start respecting her right to privacy.

In an act of painfully ironic cruelty, Thomas then sold the letter to the Mail.

Meghan Markle in a Car

"It is a heartfelt plea from an anguished daughter to her father (the word ‘pain’ or ‘painful’ appears no fewer than five times), begging him to stop talking to the press," Meghan’s lawyers write in their latest following.

"It is as good an example as one could find of a letter that any person of ordinary sensibilities would not want to be disclosed to third parties, let alone in a mass media publication, in a sensational context and to serve the commercial purposes of the newspaper."

The final paragraph of the letter, which was included in the new filing, contains a heartfelt plea from daughter to father.

Meghan Markle on YouTube

"If you love me, as you tell the press you do, please stop," Meghan wrote in the letter from August of 2018.

"Please allow us to live our lives in peace."

At this point, the judge has not issued a response to the request for a summary judgment, but it’s unlikely that it will be granted.

In all likelihood, the editors of the Mail will continue to insist that they had every right to publish the letter, and Meghan will be dragged through a humiliating court battle in which her testimony will likely conflict with her father’s.

So in that sense, it’s a no-win situation for the Duchess.

But at least that incriminating part of the letter has been made public, and it will now serve as on-the-record reminder of what a scumbag Thomas Markle is.