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Obviously, MTV made the right decision when they fired Jenelle Evans from Teen Mom 2.

Jenelle is an abusive bigot who’s almost certainly the worst person to ever gain long-term fame from a reality show, and any network that employs her is complicit in her atrocious bahavior.

That said, the woman delivered the bonkers drama like no one else in the history of the genre, and we’d be lying if we said we don’t miss the insanity sometimes.

Jenelle Evans and Her Trunk
Photo via Instagram

Fortunately, Jenelle is irresistibly drawn to the spotlight like a fly to a freshly-deposited pile of dog flop.

And so, she does what she can to remain relvant on social media.

And just like when she was on TV, Evans’ greatest (only?) talent is her willingness to humiliate herself.

Jenelle Evans In the She-Shed
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The latest drama has little to do with booze and pills — instead it revolves around something she seems to love considerably less.

We’re talking, of course, about her son Jace.

As you probably recall, Jenelle recently claimed that she’d regained custody of Jace — which wasn’t a total lie … but it certainly wasn’t the truth.

Jenelle Evans, Mom and Son
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Jenelle’s mother raised Jace, and the two women worked out an arrangement whereby Evans would assume partial custody of her boy so that Jace could live her whan he’s having behavioral issues.

Of course, Evans made it sound like she’d scored a court victory over her mother, which led Barbara to talk to TMZ and now, mother and daughter hate each other again.

Now, Jace is back living with Barbara, and Jenelle is no longer on speaking terms with her mom.

Jenelle With Jace on Snapchat
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But as her latest half-hour YouTube post reminded us, she’s still talking about Barbara.

"Jace was living with me the past week and now circumstances have changed,” Jenelle told her audience.

“Why have they changed? Because my mom can’t put down her pride.”

Photo via Instagram

Yes, Jenelle was in attack mode, and she seems to have "put down" her own pride, because she proceeded to trash her mom for upwards of 20 minutes.

“Jace was with me the past week because of his behavior, because it was really bad and were not going into detail about that because that’s no one’s business but Jace’s," she said.

"But my mom couldn’t handle it and his behavior was horrible. The things he was doing was horrible," Jenelle continued.

Jenelle Evans YouTube Image

“My mom couldn’t handle it."

And what sort of nightmarish behavior was Jace engaging in?

Well, apparently he doesn’t like to do his homework.

Jenelle Evans' Christmas Card 2020

“She’s been calling me all the time to come pick him up, he won’t do his schoolwork. I’m the only one who can make him do his schoolwork and even hand in his assignments," Evans said.

“He’s cussing a lot,” she added.

“I don’t know where he’s gettin’ it from ’cause he’s definitely not getting it from my house!” 

Jenelle Evans on Instagram Live

Yes, Jenelle just claimed that she never swears in front of her kids, which is such a ridiculous statement our brains can’t process it.

“He’s been doing online school, he’s been completely fine,” Jenelle says. 

As for how the "rumor" of Jenelle gaining full custody of Jace began, Evans went on to explain that with a bunch of lies.

Jenelle Evans: MTV Never Fired Me! They Should've Fired That Hack Chelsea Houska!

“I responded to a TikTok person and said, ‘Yes, he actually moved in with us," she said.

As The Ashley’s Reality Roundup points out, what Jenelle actually said was:

“I have custody of Jace. He lives with me now full-time." So, yeah, just a little different.

Celebrating Jace
Photo via Instagram

“She knows why he was living with me!” Jenelle’s rant continued.

“She agreed for him to live with me. Now, she’s trying to make me look like a dumbass," she said.

“I said — and I’m being honest as hell with you guys— either we can fight it out in court or we can handle this civilly, like grown adults that we are."

Jenelle and Barbara at Christmas

From there, Jenelle called Babs out as a hypocrite, claiming that the elder Evans accused her of being an alcoholic, even though … Barbara also drinks?

“Yes, Mom. I drink Corona!” Jenelle shouted, adding that Barbara drinks wine, which Jenelle believes to be worse, for some reason.

“This is when you have to cut your toxic parent off,” Jenelle said.

Jenelle and Babs Chillin'
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Evans went on to say that she and her mother are no longer on speaking terms.

“Oh why, so you can have full control all the time?” Jenelle said.

“I told her I will be communicating with Jace and only Jace through his phone. So that’s it! [She] literally goes from ‘I’m so happy he’s moving there, he seems like he’s having a great time while he’s there, he needs David in his life," she continued.

Jenelle with Jace and Barbara
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“[Now she’s saying], ‘Well you drink beer, well he’s misbehaving because of the pandemic.’ Then it’s because of health insurance," she added, somewhat baflingly.

"So which is it? Because there are a lot of f**king excuses that are happening right now!” 

From there, Jenelle claimed she’s not the only one who thinks Babs is deranged.

Barb Evans
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“None of my mom’s family talks to her,” Jenelle said.

“Not her cousins, not her own sister, nobody. My aunt talks to me but my aunt won’t talk to my mom…

“I was so gullible because I was so young that I didn’t understand what type of person she was! But now I understand!” 

Jenelle Evans with Barbara Evans
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If you thought that was the end of Jenelle’s rant, you don’t know Jenelle:

“Like I said, I’m not going to go into detail,” Jenelle ironically added.

“[Babs] said, ‘If you keep up this attitude, Juh-nelle and your reputation is gonna be sh-t.’

“I’m not gonna have anyone tell me, even my own mother, that I’m a f–king s–tty parent because I drink some beer during the week. ”

Jenelle on the Weed Farm

As The Ashley points out, when Jenelle appeared on the This Family Tree podcast earlier this month, she claimed that she "barely drinks" these days, so we guess that was BS.

“They’re both toxic to each other, Jace and my mom,” Jenelle concluded.

“No matter how much they want to say they’re not, they are.”

Well, we certainly wouldn’t want Jace to have any toxic adults in his life.

So we should probably start a GoFundMe to send the poor kid to Alaska, or something.

Because Jenelle is more off her rocker than ever these days.