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On the season premiere of Teen Mom OG, fans watched Amber Portwood break up with Dimitri Garcia.

She had felt overwhelmed and hounded by her Belgian beau and was alarmed by his "controlling" behavior.

But that was filmed months ago.

These days, it seems, Amber has changed her tune.

Dimitri with Amber

Amber Portwood spoke to In Touch Weekly this week after fans watched her ditch Dimitri.

“It’s been 11 months since I’ve seen him," she confirmed, meaning that she last saw him (of course) before the COVID-19 pandemic hit North America.

"But," she emphasized, "we do talk."

Amber Portwood's Latest Selfie

Still, Amber tells the tabloid that she and Dimitri are "dating" … in a manner of speaking.

She explains: “I call it ‘COVID dating’ because it’s over the phone, you know what I mean?"

"So I’m not going out and dating guys," Amber clarifies. "I’m not doing anything like that.”

Dimitri Garcia

Amber says that she has received backlash from her own fans for choosing to date remotely.

But she says that online daying is "one of the number one ways" to meet people in 2021.

Honestly, that was true in 2019, too. Now it’s just more or less the only safe way to date, period, in the US.

Amber Portwood Gives an Interview

“To be honest, I’m over, you know, reading stuff about that," Amber says of the hate that she gets.

"As if I’m some weirdo that if somebody pops up in my DMs," she says, "I’m just like, yeah, let’s get this going."

Amber jokes: "If that was the case, I would have freakin’ 3,000 guys a day, but anyway. I mean, seriously.”

Dimitri Garcia Photo

Amber raves that her on-again boyfriend stood out in the crowd, in part because he’s not a superfan.

She praises Dimitri for being "very sweet, honest, and genuine," adding that he "took the lie detector test and passed it."

Amber acknowledges that she "might have been a little crazy for asking," but also that she "needed that to happen."

Amber Portwood Up in Arms

On Teem Mom OG, we saw a different side of Amber, as she felt exhasperated that Dimitri was calling her nonstop.

"I need to be aware of this dynamic," Amber explained, "because I’ve been in controlling relationships before."

"He’s possessive from a distance," she observed, adding that "he needs to know what I’m doing all day every day."

Amber and Dimitri

Just after we saw her share these sentiments with the camera, Amber received a video call from Dimitri, who of course was back in Belgium and wanted to know what she was up to.

"Nothing, I’m outside, wondering why I’m getting a million messages," Amber said.

Dimitri tried to justify his creepy, coming-on-too-strong behavior "because I think of you. I love you, I miss you a lot."

Amber Portwood Reaction

Amber explained at the time that she was starting to "feel like it’s getting a little much" for her.

"It’s turning into a very possessive situation and a very not healthy situation…" she worried.

"To be questioned by somebody so much at a time like this," Amber added, "is just something that is not needed for me whatsoever when I’m dating."

Amber Portwood in Red

"We’re not boyfriend and girlfriend," Amber later told her first baby daddy, Gary Shirley.

She complained: "He started getting to the point where he was calling and texting multiple, multiple, multiple times, all day long."

We had previously reported that it looked like they had split last July, so many believe that this is when this was filmed. Clearly, they are now on better terms.