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In retrospect, we probably should have seen this one coming.

At some point in the past few months, Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson got back together.

Khloe Kardashian Halloween Photo
Photo via Instagram

And once again, it appears their relationship is at an end.

Did Tristan get caught cheating again? Have he and Khloe realized they’re just not right for each other?

It’s too soon to say.

Photo via Instagram

All we know for sure is that Khloe unfollowed Tristan on Instagram, which is the Kardashian equivalent of when the Mafia gives someone the kiss of death.

This drama might eventually play out on the final episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

But for now, it’s happening on Instagram, where Khloe is showing her ex what he’s missing out on in very artistic fashion.

Khloe Is Nude On IG
Photo via Instagram

Khloe posted the photo above on Instagram this week, and needless to say, it’s revealing even by Kardashian thirst trap standards.

Apparently, it’s an ad for a new line of shoes from her Good American fashion line.

But we all know what we’re really looking at here.

Tristan Thompson as a Cavs Player
Photo via Getty

Khloe hosted a short-lived show called Revenge Body, and it seems she’s now using her body to exact a little revenge of her own.

If Khloe and Tristan have really called it quits again — which seems to be the case — you can bet that it wasn’t on good terms.

So it’s safe to assume that Tristan was on her mind when Khloe posed for this "shoe ad."

Tribute to Khloe
Photo via Instagram

Of course, not all of Khloe’s taunts have been sexual in nature.

She also posted the pic below of herself with 2-year-old True, her daughter by Tristan.

Not surprisingly, fans have interpreted it as Khloe’s way of reminding her ex of the happy family life he’s leaving behind.

Photo via Instagram

We think those folks are reading a bit too much into a simple mother-daughter pic, but it’s certainly possible that Khloe is sending a message.

Tristan signed with the Boston Celtics last week, and Khloe is said to be irate that he’ll soon be spending much of his year on the East Coast.

Granted, Boston isn’t all that much further from LA than Cleveland, where Tristan was previously a member of the Cavs.

Photo via E!

But insiders say Khloe got used to having Tristan around all the time during the lockdown, and she’s not ready to give all of that up.

So year, it seems likely that Khloe is posing nude as an "eff you" to her ex.

We guess his loss is our gain!