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Larissa Lima has shared a lot, from what happened behind the scenes on 90 Day Fiance to what her new career is like.

She is also praising the diversity of OnlyFans to her curious followers, encouraging them to sign up.

Larissa Lima in Red Lingerie

Larissa Lima says that she chose money over fame when her new career of online sex work got her fired from 90 Day Fiance.

The ongoing menace of discrimination against sex workers is a big issue, but Larissa isn’t bothered with her choice.

She likes her new gig, she’s making more money, and in a recent Q&A, she told her fans that they can follow in her foosteps.

Larissa Lima Poses in White Lingerie

"I’ve been wanting to open my own account," a fan told Larissa, "but I’m not in shape."

That fan then asked: "Do you think it’s still worth it?"

Larissa saw the question and opted to answer.

Larissa Lima Flaunts Her New Profile

"Lots of girls overweight making thousands more than the ones super skinnier," Larissa observed in her reply.

"Definitely OnlyFans has a lot of diversity," she praised.

"I don’t want to be offensive," Larissa added apologetically, "but I don’t know what other word to use."

Larissa Lima IG 13 encourages plus size OF

Later, a follower replied to Larissa that she could say "plus size," but noted that most people don’t mind "overweight."

Labels like "overweight" cause problems because they are imprecise, stigmatized, and mostly meaningless. "Over" weight is not rooted in any models that follow people’s actual health.

In fact, many folks would prefer "curvy," "plump," or just plain ol’ "fat" if that’s what the person means, but "plus size" is considered very tasteful in reference to modeling.

Larissa Lima in White Lace Lingerie

Larissa is absolutely right when she describes OnlyFans.

OnlyFans may make headlines when celebrities join it, but it has been a haven for countless people — especially in 2020.

A lot of people were furloughed or laid off due to the pandemic. Others had to quit to avoid endangering their families.

Larissa Lima in a Pink Bikini

With the pandemic ongoing and worse than ever here in the United States and with the federal government refusing to offer lasting help, people have had to make do.

OnlyFans has enabled many — from young couples to single moms and more — to earn at least a partial income, reducing the danger of eviction or infection.

And, as Larissa says, the diversity on display with OnlyFans is almost unparalleled.

Larissa Lima Snaps a Selfie in Colorado Springs

See, mainstream porn may cater to many tastes and fetishes, but only up to a point.

Just as it seems like almost every man on TV has the exact same body type, there are a lot of limits on the anatomy and body types of porn stars.

"Standardized labia" may sound ridiculous, but there have been artlcles about how narrow the depictions of human bodies are in mainstream, studio-produced porn.

Larissa Lima Gets Playful With The Camera

OnlyFans doesn’t choose its creators, they just sign up. This opens the door for marginalized sex workers.

Because of that, there are so many more types of people who are able to share their photos and videos with subscribers.

Trans, disabled, and plus size OnlyFans creators can market themselves and appeal to "fans" without being categorized by others and without being presented as "just a fetish."

Larissa Lima Laughs on Deck

A lot of people like seeing more common human bodies. Yes, slender women are just as "real" as anyone else, but it’s normal for humans to want variety.

Have you ever seen people disagree wildly over pizza toppings? Well, people have equally strong opinions about their taste in adult media.

There are real issues with OnlyFans, some caused by Bella Thorne, but Larissa is right to recognize the diversity that the platform offers.